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Tiredness....How do we keep ourselves going?

Hey we all feel really tired at times and just want to curl up on the sofa with a good book or watch TV....But alas it's not always possible...So who has any suggestions for keeping yourself going....Mine unfortunately is having a coffee..Not always the best idea...Keeps me buzzing all evening!!


B4 I get my daily fix I might as well be a Dog!!


I also have to start the day with a coffee (black). I guess vigorous regular exercise is the key, then the chores around the house seem easy.


yer morning exercise always gets me up and ready for the day...


I am faaaaaaaar from being a health nut but i swear by spiralina. People get put off by the color/smell of it but in a smoothie it is sooooo good and i believe i feel more energetic. I have it daily when I am feeling particularly run down:) other wise bottle after bottle of coke;)


prayer. i don't want to sound religious but i pray for energy when most times i run out of it and just thinking that after all the work, there will always be time to rest and relax.


Sometimes you just have to close the door, curl up on that sofa and tell the world to go away. If you are that tired, your body is trying to tell you to have a rest. A nanny nap of even 1 hour will help. I have a long cold drink of Tonic water with ice, for a lift or one of the herbal teas, works better than coffee. Take care.


As hard as it can be sometimes, exercise really helps to energise.


Another thing I do is a splash of cold water to my face.It's kind of a shock to the system...and perks me up for a little while...


...great way to fend of the tiredness for me is I find stretching and going for a little walk around the office if there or the house if home...or listen to some music and maybe dance a bit, else a nice cup of herbal tea will work a breeze....and when I am in front to the computer a lot I also exercise my eyes and fingers to.....

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