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Nothing beats freshness, esp with food, when the home garden is at hand. At times requiring a little attention a.k.a. therapy. Do you have green fingers? A simple salad garden, is neat to add a special touch to a meal....


Yes, not only can you get the freshest ingredients, you can choose what you spray or not spray them with and get fit and enjoy some exercise while you are gardening. The mixed lettuce leaves, perpetual spinach is really easy to grow and so much cheaper that buying it from the supermarkets.


Broad beans, potatoes, tomatoes, silverbeet - all easy to grow and no spraying involved. Great to produce your own fresh veges.


Even if you are limited by space you can still grow lots of fruit & veges. We grow all our tomatoes in 20 liter pails up the garage wall on netting. Radishes in planter boxes. Grapes and passionfruit along the back fence. Lettuces in 20 liter pails and melons etc in the compost heap! I'm sure others will have plenty of ideas to add to these.


Yup. Fresh herbs can be planted in little pots on the windowsill, so there's no excuse if you don't have a big garden to work with.


Having a food garden no matter how small is a positive thing.It gives you time outside in the fresh air,exercise,an interest in what you eat and how its grown,a place to recycle or compost plus save money.its amazing how you can grow in small places and everyone can grow bean sprouts in a jar or micro veg in an icecream container.For us our meal starts with a trip outside to see what we will base our meal around rather than buy and decide what to do with it.


I come from a family of avid gardeners, unfortunately I am not but I do try my hand at growing a few things. Last year I grew broccoli, peppers, basil and peas, this year I may try a few other things.


We have just started growing our own vegies!!!


spent all weekend getting my vege garden in, yay


The weeds are growing fast atthe moment

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