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The hardest things to do?

Eating less, eating right, exercising, not smoking, stressing less, being kind to others, getting eight hours sleep at night, being on time, being tidier, taking time out for yoruself, finishing a book, getting your assignment done... There are hundreds of things in life that are difficult. So what do you find hardest to do or achieve. Do you think you make excuses for yourself? What sort of support would you like or need to make it easier to achieve?


i think getting enough sleep, not stressing and being tidier are things i find hard to achieve!! it doesn't help having a messy boyfriend too...means we're both messy! haha. i'm also the worst procrastinator..i definitely make excuses ! like if i have an assignment due, i refuse to start it until the house is immaculate...and THEN i'll start it ;)


Motivation on cold wet days, you know things need doing, but 'tomorrow will be fine' tends to creep in. Tomorrow comes and I wish I'd achieved more yesterday.

Yes I agree, leaving for work when it is dark and getting home when it is dark doesnt inspire me to go exercise. Snuggling down in front of the fire sounds much better to me. I am trying to motivate myself and do some exercise DVDs but its not the same as going outside and getting the fresh air.


coooo easy easy... gicing up smoking. The cravings never go and it just takes 1... thankfully no smoking in the pub helps. After that I think transitioning from a senior job at work to becoming a full time mum.


Going to work and leaving the kids... they grow up to fast :(


I want to be the best in at least one thing that i do but i never get to fully believe in myself. So i've settled for my average self which i know is not ok because all of us are special and if only i can find that in myself.


I would say “Getting off the couch and getting fit” has got to be one of the hardest things to do for beginners, it takes hours of hard work. First find an exercise activity that you enjoy, set a goal and start slowly. Keep at it, it does get easier and you will feel much better for it. You don’t need to run marathons to be fit, just be consistant and don’t throw in the towel when you experience a little discomfort.


To give up smoking! iv tried so many times and I just make some lame excuse to go have a smoke, doesnt help all my family and friends smoke!


Not being grumpy with the kids! I don't know what the solution is, but maybe I'll get there in the end.


Exercise! I am terrible at getting motivated to get out there and burn off those calories. I need a big boot up the backside.

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