Discussing :: Stress!!



I'm pretty sure everyone has experienced stress in their life before! Whether it be a small or bigger thing. I currently have a whole heap of assignments due which is causing a lot of stress for me. I sometimes suffer panic attacks which I would much rather avoid :(. I don't want to take random tablets either which will probably elevate the situation! - half the remedies have more symptoms then an actual panic attack or anxiety may give you!!

Just wondering how Chelsey members deal with stress/anxiety or ways that it can be avoided? I've googled, but its not the same. It is much better asking someone that has been in the situation and what they do in ways of chilling out and relaxing and not getting stressed out over situations.


Tough question! I find it hard to deal with at times. I'm not really big on medication either but I think it can be a good idea if stress/anxiety get to a point of negatively impacting your everyday life.

Mindfulness is something I've been taught. http://www.mindfulnessinfo.com/

Time out can be really important. Whatever you enjoy, a warm bath, listening to music, going for a walk (exercise is always helpful).

Some people swear by rescue remedy.

My mum is a rescue remedy practitioner - which is handy!! :) So she makes up those for me - she lives 3hours away which can be difficult though :(. Before I go to bed i pop a few drops in a glass of water and I chew those tablets sometimes too.

Thanks for the advice :D

I agree about mindfulness and time out, but I'd add it is important to have balance. It might sound silly but draw up a grid of all areas of your life and check that you have something in each.
Fox example career, health, friends, community involvement, family, finance, hobbies - whatever is important to you. I find that I can manage when one or two areas turn to custard so long as the other areas are going strong.
Eg being unemployed and sick is not overwhelmingly stressful if you have the support of friends and family and something to keep you busy like volunteer work or your hobbies.
Focus on building up any empty areas and appreciate the fuller sections.


OPS! I meant a Bach flowers practitioner. Now that made me laugh :p


Stress can make you thin and fat.

And on other hand it can kill you...

At least it can make you eat too much or too little or eat the wrong stuff. I firmly believe that it can cause disease as well and thereby, premature death, so it is something we all need to try to alleviate in our lives.


...I try to de stress if that is a word my stretching or relaxing to some soothing music and my man has started to do the same well sort of lol....its hard for a man way over 6 5ft to stretch and relax....lol but he seems to find it relaxing on top of the music....if you can find that thing that makes you feel so relaxed and content stick to it I say.....


I find that Tai Chi is a great help in dealing with stress. It makes you stop and focus on your mind and body balance and, for a bit, totally wipe the stress and tension out of your being (for a while at least). Your movement just flows at peace and breathe as your body moves.


I've been internalising a really complicated situation in my head.....

...hahaha I like that ad...about internalising something in my head...and its such a change to their usual ads of car accidents and injury....it sends a message but in a more approachable way I think especially towards younger drivers....


I love this Quote..
Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. ~Natalie Goldberg, Wild Mind


Feng Shui for stress!


I find decluttering helps me. I'm not sure why. I'm in a stressful situation at the moment, and I feel trapped and tied down, so I guess I'm trying to shed some of the physical stuff, anyway.

Today I have collected one box of giveaways, one big bag of trash, one box of paper to recycle and about 20 things to sell. If I keep this up I'm hoping to be clutter-free, if not stress free, by next week...


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