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Soda Stream...Healthier choice

I think everyone should have a soda stream.It is such a healthier choice for the family and environment.Containing less artificial additives in their syrups than fizzy pop which I so don't like my kids having.It really tastes great and with less plastic bottles being dumped into the land fills it it is an all round winner in m y opinion.


I never thought of soda stream as healthy so this was an interesting read


Another interesting article I read was about a thief who broke into the late Steve Jobs empty House (as it is under going renovations)He stole a lot of expensive stuff but the one thing that caught my eye he stole was an inexpensive soda stream...Just love it.


great stuff my grankids need healthier options


I looked at the new range soda stream and was amazed by the entire range of funky flavours there were some lovely flavours on offer and the machine has gone (when I remember back in the 80's) icky colour to a new streamlined machine that looks still wasy to use and stylish.


I spend a fortune on sparkling water and I know it's ridiculous but even water from the cooler just doesn't have the same appeal!

It was a bad thing seeing this post as I had a good look at my old Soda Stream machine and it is in an even more dilapidated state than I had thought! (You know when you get used to something and then suddenly see it in a new light and think what must your friends think of it!)

However, enought of that... only going by personal experience (I like my drinks very fizzy), Soda Stream doesn't work out much cheaper than buying sparkling water - mostly because you tend to drink so much more of it when it's just there all the time! The Soda Stream website says it works out around 60cents a litre for plain soda and 72cents for flavoured soda, but I think that might be pushing it. However, it's the convenience of this little machine that's fantastic - worth every cent if you are a soda fan.

PS: I just had a look and Mitre 10 sells gas cylinder refills at $11.98 + GST. Next time I change mine I will count how many drinks I get.


The Soda Stream Machine is great - and they are by far better for the environment that buying mass produced fizzy - BUT, the additives and preservatives in the Soda Stream Syrups aren't to hot. You are better off making your own syrups from scratch or buying some of the healthier cordial options in the supermarket.


I agree less sugar.


Less sugar is a good thing as is having less rubbishy plastic bottles everywhere.


Yes, I was thinking of getting one for my nieces for Christmas - would be great for 'refreshing' other soft drinks that have gone flat too - I suppose? Never owned one as a kid but they are such fun.

Soda Stream have so many flavours now, not all are sugary fizzy drinks. They also have the "Sparkling Goodness" syrups that are healhier for children, and designed for kids. Worth checking out!


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