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Anyone got any good tips or recipes for the slow cooker? Just got one in the weekend! now i need help!


Slow at first,... but after awhile you'll be quicker!


but i want it to be slow lol!!


Lamb shanks!! I use a recipe packet mix by McCormacks and there is nothing better than coming home from work to the smell of slow cooked lamb!! Corned beef is also brilliant in a slow cooker, I just add some golden syrup, peppercorns, chopped onions, carrots and a couple of bay leaves.


Don't limit yourself to stews and casseroles but have a go at puddings, jams, and even cakes. There are hundreds and hundreds of online recipes. BBC Good Food has a fabulous range of adapted classic one pots to t start you off at http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/slow-cooker


I love my slow cooker, made a lovely curry the other day.Did not know about puddings jams and cakes though.Will definitely look into that one :)


Soup is an easy and fabulous meal. Chop up a heap of vegetables into cubes e.g. potatoes, kumara, carrot, pumpkin, yams etc, saute some onion chuck it all into the slow cooker with a bacon hock if you'd like, then add 2 -3 cups of chicken stock, top up to nearly the top with water, put on the lid and walk away. Come back 9-10 hours later, pull out the bacon hock strip off the meat, throw away the fat and bone, chuck the meat back in and hey presto you have soup. Either eat as is or puree with a blender stick.


corned silverside is devine! with vinegar an sugar mmmm. yum! or lamb shanks as well! great way to go if you have a busy day ahead of yourself.


What a great time saver in the winter, l regularly cook corned beef, chicken and stews in the crock pot. It's all done when you come home and certainly takes a lot of time and hassle out of preparing a meal


I have beer braised beef slow cooking today :) going to mach tacos, and pies! i must admit though.. did seem a little strange opening a beer at 8am this morning!


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