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Screaming for ice-cream

Do you prefer home-made or shop bought ice-cream? There seem to be so many small appliances now available for making ice-creams, sorbets and gelatos. I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations. I'd also love to hear about favourite recipes and hints. Has anyone tried making something entirely different. Take a look at my next post below for an idea!


Saw this on the web - a line of ice-cream available in the USA which is made from wine (15% butterfat, 5% proof). Apparently there are eight flavours to choose from: cherry merlot, chocolate cabernet, peach white zinfandel, port, red raspberry chardonnay, riesling, spice, and strawberry sparkling. You can buy the wine ice cream from as little as a pint sized tub to a three-gallon bucket!


I tried making my own but it is never as good as the bought stuff!


Shop bought - especially now with all the great flavours from the likes of Kapiti


I'd say 'Yonanas' is a brilliant tool for making healthy frozen desserts at home. Otherwise 'Much Moore' Ice Cream - Limonata Cheesecake & Salted Caramel flavours - tastes so good to me. Heaps of creative recipes online too, neverending ice-cream ideas. :-)


I love ice cream either way! more is best :D


There are a couple of specialised ice-creameries in town that offer great ice-cream here that you don't need to make your own.


Ice cream home made, shop bought I'm there, especially with berries.


I have yet to try home made one but I guess it's better because you know what goes in it and you can create your own flavour.


I make ice candies. I use those containers that you can buy from the dollar shops. My recipe is fruit salad. 2 cans of fruit salad, 1 can of pineapple pieces (use the juices), 1 can condensed milk, 1-2 cups of water (or depending on how sweet you want it to be). Put in the containers then freeze.


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