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Savory or Sweet?

What's your vice? Are you partial to salty snacks or sweet treats? I'm a sweet tooth myself, can't get enough.


Bit of both! Lov the occasional sweet thinhz ansame with savoury


Sweet is best...love chocolate,ice-cream,lollies etc,etc,etc...:)


Almost always savory for me though that's not to say I don't love chocolate and decadent desserts, and gorgeous fresh fruit, or acidic lollies, or velvety vanilla custard, or chocolate eclairs, or passionfruit sorbet, or apple pie with whipped cream .... Maybe I just like food :-)


Sweet for me. I LOVE chocolate!


I don't eat refined sugar, it has improved my health so much! So I'm a savoury girl. Try it ladies....


definitely savoury, I can leave chocolate in the pantry for ages and have been known to throw it out as no one wants it


I try for savoury because I know I feel better when I dont eat too much rich food.Now I would love to stuff myself with Pavlova and cream cakes but I get migraines and an upset digestive system with too much of these so I really dont have any choice but to go for savoury and lower fat foods.I think my palate doesnt even like sweet any more and perhaps giving up sweet things is what changes it.I gave up sugar in my tea/coffee years ago It was very hard.Instead of two teaspoons in each cup I cut it down by 1/4 tsp one week and gradually another 1/4 tsp the next week.Each week I cut it further and when I got to 1/2 tsp I chucked it completely.I think I was an addict to sugar :)


Like both but if pushed would go for sweet.


Given a choice I would dive into savoury, not so much snacks, but club sandwiches & sausage rolls etc get my vote. However if offered a good creamed scone or chocolate eclair, I admit to having very little willpower. (Easter rocks too!)

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