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Running or swimming?

Which is best for you?


Walking! I tripped and broke my arm a couple of years ago so have stuck to walking ever since! And I can't swim!


I enjoy swimming way more than running. I swim twice a week when the kids have their swimming lessons, as for running I go through stages where I run 3-4 times a week then don't do it again for months lol I just don't find it much fun.


Running - you don't end up smelling of chlorine or scratchy after salt water


I've always known swimming as good for muscle toning and running is best for fitness! But as long as your moving, both exercises are good for you!


Running is more accesible for me, as I don't have close pool access. It's just easier and a great way to start the day (assuming I get up on time!)


I prefer walking in cooler weather but swimming in Summer. The amount of calories you burn swimming, makes it worth taking the trip to the pools!


Both - they are good for you in different ways, but both leave you feeling fit and exhilarated.


I think running puts too much pressure on your body, so would choose the swimming option.


I agree with Gonzala, running puts too much pressure on your body over extended periods. I like sprints because they're short, I stay very light on my feet and do them on grass so it's not like pounding the pavement running and they're all over in ten minutes. Swimming is fantastic if you're just starting back into exercise to get you back in the groove but overall I would say you need multiple forms of cardio for good fitness, swimming being one for sure. Running needs attention paid to form too to be any help, you'd think 'but anyone can run though can't they', and the simple answer is yes but to run for long periods over years of your life and stay injury free you must have good form and buy new shoes quite often to maintain support. So to (finally she gets around to it) answer the question, both are good if you listen to your body and pay attention to what it's telling you feels right.

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