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Porridge - wholesome, healthy

A good way to start ones day is with a healthy breakfast. Porridge is a wholesome wellbeing alternative to keep you going,...... and the family healthy.
Were you brought up on it?


Yip...cant beat porridge..........filling, tasty and anything can be added to change it up abit. Now I have kids they love porridge too......and I know every morning they are starting there day off great.


Yum and you can buy so many yum flavours these days


Just what you need to start the day.


well i am scottish ,born and bred in bonny Scotland and i hate porridge, i wish i did like it as it is extremely good for you,even helps lower cholesterol ,however the scottish don't eat it with sugar,just a little salt, yes i shame my scottish heritage, however my kiwi hubby loves it and i make it every winter morning for him, for me i stick with good ole kiwi weetbix.


Dad always made a pot of porridge every sunday morning. We loved it, but he was a bit liberal with the pinch of salt! I love my porridge with a spoonful of honey mixed in. Delicious and very filling.


I used to love the porridge my grandfather made - lovely and thick and so hot that the brown sugar (brown, not raw) caramelised on top. Then you swirled through some golden syrup as well and had it will full cream milk (the good old silver top). Yummo in winter.


Love it with brown sugar on the top. Warms you right up on a cold morning.


Porridge seems to me like a bowl full of simple carbs to start the day off. We never had it. I definitely prefer a little omelet with some veges. You get some protein to keep you going, and some healthy nutrients from the veges!


Porridge is great, especially when you feel like something hearty, so good for you and yummy to boot. I love mine with cream and brown sugar takes away the healthy factor though..opps.


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