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Poisonous Plants - any in your garden?

We always had holianders at home as kids and it was no big deal that we shouldn't touch or eat them. My concern is that lots of people (young ones esepcialyl) don't seem to know garden plants can be harmful. There is an extensive list of common NZ garden plants and what to look out for etc. on http://www.landcareresearch.co.nz/publications/infosheets/poisonplants/poisplants_internal.asp (The above information is Copyright to Landcare Research. ) Included: Angel's trumpet Apple of Peru Apple of Sodom Arum lily Asparagus Bitter almond Bittersweet Black nightshade Blueberry lily [see tūrutu] Boxthorn Broom Bushman's poison Castor oil plant Celery-leaved buttercup Cestrums Cherry laurel Chilean jasmine Cotoneasters ( Cruel plant [see moth plant] Daffodils and jonquils (Narcissus species). Daphnes (Daphne species). Datura [see thorn apple] Deadly nightshade [see black nightshade] Delphiniums Dumb canes Elderberry Elephant's ear English holly [see holly] Fatsia (Gloriosa lily(Gloriosa superba). Hairy nightshade Hellebores Hemlock Holly or English Horse chestnuts Iceland poppy Inkweed Italian arum Ivy Japanese spindle tree Jerusalem cherry (these very similar species can be regarded as one. Their orange-red berries are very poisonous. Karaka Kōwhai Laburnum Lantana Larkspurs Lily of the valley Lily of the valley shrubs Lupins Monkshood Morning glories Moth plant Ngaio Nightshades . Oleander Opium poppy Peach Pepper tree Persian lilac or white cedar Poinsettia Poroporo Potato Privets Rhododendron Rhubarb Snowberry bush Spindle Tree Spurges Stinking iris Swan plants Taro family. Thornapple or datura. Tītoki Tūrutu or blueberry lily Tutsan (Tutu (White cedar [see Persian lilac] Winter rose Wisteria Woolly nightshade Yew How much do you know about poisonous plants and what to do in the case of poisoning? Do you know if these plants can affect pets as well as people? Have you ever been poisoned yourself?


OMG I just looked at this post and see I spelled oleanders is a most bizarre way. Apologies all, brain must be in my foot today! Here are pics of some common poisonous plants(clockwise from top left) Oleander, kowhai, arum lily, fatsia and daffodil


This is really frightening...I would have never know how dangerous oleanders are until my mum told me. One day someone decorated a cake with oleander...they had no clue that it was dangerous and then someone got seriously ill (may have died) from it!!!! Went to a school..and saw an Oleander tree outside the school...I think this is really bad! Even a touch of it and biting your nails could be really dangerous. I think that kids need education about this sort of stuff at school...not nosense like atoms and the nucleus...or algebra!! hahahaha... I am amazed at the huge list you have of poisonous plants....I guess i should be a lot more careful ;)


We used to have an oleander bush growing in our front yard as kids and my Mum warned us off touching it. Also I can remember studying plants at school, what are poisonous. I do wonder also if this information is being passed down. Confusing for kids as they are encouraged to eat greens and even edible flowers are popular in restaurants at moment. I just used to tell my kids not to put anything in their mouths unless I had given it to them - it could be poisonous. My biggest fear was deadly knightshade as it seemed to pop up in the garden everywhere.


Yeah it worries me that this information isn't being passed down also...I graduated from College (high school) in 2009...and they taught none of this at school! I think its terrible. As humans, we touch lots of things or brush past plants/trees so its so easy to get in contact with poisonous trees....and this can be harmful if people don't have adequate knowledge of what is good and bad...I guess we should all go out thinking all plants and trees should not be touch haha


I knew about oleanders, rhubarb leaves and deadly nightshade but that was about it. scarey stuff. i grew up with heaps of those plants around and never knew. thanks for passing on the info and making us and our families all safer!

I had the most awesome rhubarb plant in my garden and then i got chickens. My chickens did a wonderful job of eating a large amount of wandering dew and never touched the rhubarb. After hearing that the leaves of rhubarb are toxic for my chickens I pulled it up and moved it however lost the plant in the process.


If you boil up rhubarb leaves, then strain the water, add a couple of soap flakes, it makes a really effective spray against aphids!


The list seems endless, and for those with toddlers they must be very vigilant - makes one wonder why there are not more 'aware notices'..


Wow this is really interesting, I was aware of some of them but not all those! You've got asparagus in there though... how can that be toxic?


The young shoots (when consumed raw) and the berries are the poisonous parts of the asparagus. Contact dermatitis from young, raw shoots. Eating of berries may cause gastrointestinal problems.


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