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You can't go wrong with the 5+ a day deal of servings of fruit and veges. Fruit are a great snack time thing too. I eat my mostly for breakfast so I have the day to work off any natural sugars in the fruits, plus they can be eaten on the run if I'm running late.


Follow the 5 + a day rule: For fruit it says eat AT LEAST 2 servings of fruit the size of your hand.


i think three fruits a day is a nice amount, and do vary them by all means, although i love bananas, they are higher in sugar than most other fruits, but are high in potassium which is also good for you, but i would limit it to one a day , grapes also fit in to this category, but i eat both daily,choose apples, citrus, berries,i know from experience if you eat too much even of a good thing you can and will gain weight,so again just limit yourself to three a day,four tops if you really have to.


worry about the hidden sugars in tinned and processed foods and eat your 5 a day fruits worry-free


easy a minimum of one and a max of infinity.


Fruit is great because its natural and contains essential vitamins, just be careful though as they are high in natural sugars.


I have started to look at the Zoe Harcombe Diet, and she doesnt appear to have fruit in her diet. think i may go into withdrawls as i love my fruit.


Forget five, appaerntly now it's eight portions of fruit and veg a day


That's a great chart. I try and eat as many veges as I can being aware that fruit is packed with sugar (but also very good for you). I knew watermelon and cantaloupe were lower in sugar but didn't know about the rest. I guess there's a reason kids love grapes, bananas and mangoes since they are right at the top. I eat 3 pieces of fruit on most days - between meals to keep me going.

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