Discussing :: Now many pieces of fruit a day is healthy


.....I always watch anything that may have hidden sugar in it even good sugars, so I am aware of what I am eating I love fruit and there is such a wonderful variety out there......its up to the consumer I say as long as they are eating fruit that is a good thing....


My dentist is now saying to watch the fruit consumption because of sugar/acidity and take fruit with a meal rather than throughout the day as is normal.


If I eat too muh fruit I get hives haha so I figure if I don't get that, I'm eating the right amount. If you brush your teeth regularly, I can't imagine that the sugar content would be too much of an issue. It's interesting to not that most bananas in New Zealand are quite large and worth 2 pieces of fruit.


Eating Natural Fruit and Veges you can't go wrong. I haven't found anything where there is a set rule for eating too much fruit, but the more fruit you eat, the less room you have for rubbish foods. That has to be a bonus.


Well, according to the health programs etc they suggest 5 fruits and Vegetables a day.


I used to pack fruit & veges for a couple of years and was on my feet moving constantly for sometimes up to 10 hours a day. Part of the perks of the job was you could eat as much of the product you wanted to while at work. Huge variety of fruit!! You'd think this was an ideal healthy combination, But I put on weight - actually quite a lot. I lost it again when i left, so it has kind of left me wondering...


Definitely... more fruits, more fruity, more vitamins, more healthy!!!


I dont think you need to worry about sugar in fruits as these are natural sugars. I would say as many as you like but at least two pieces a day.


Fruits contain natural sugars and vitamins so the body will benefit from you eating as many as you can fit into your diet.


If you can get through 5+ a day then go for it! I think though if you got to 10 pieces then that would be enough, because if you have too much then you can get the trots (don't want that)!


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