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Now many pieces of fruit a day is healthy

I would like to know how many pieces of fruit a day is healthy to eat without having to worry about sugar?? I can demolish a few oranges and a few apples and a banana easily in a day


Not only it is healthy, it is the best... fruits anytime of the day, so refreshing, so delicious, so energetic, so naturale... go Fruity!!!...Cheers!


Love fruits - especially during snack time.


Fruit contains plenty of natural sugars which can help if you are trying to reduce your processed sugar intake. I believe you should eat as much as you desire!


Love fruit for snacks and normal meals, not sure what the limit is per day though, l am sure to well below as l only have small pieces


Fruits not only healthy but they are yum!! but dont eat to many bananas in a day because that can help u gain the weight! love oranges tho!!


I am completely blissing on berry season! Each year I aim to get in as many berries in the season so that I don't feel too deprived over the winter months! I know frozen is available all year round but nothing beats fresh berries for me! I let my body tell me when i have had too many (sore tum) rather than some guidelines...!


As many as allowed without cleaning out the pantry/fridge supplies in just the one day, l'm often been told to pace myself. Hey "Life was much simpler when Apple & Blackberry were just fruit".


....it really doesn't matter fruit is great for you but, just have to remember that some contain natural sugars......just vary the fruits from day to day.....


"While some fruit can be high in sugar, if you are active and healthy, having too much fructose (the sugar from fruit) doesn't need to be a concern of yours. However, if you have (or are at risk of getting) diabetes, your fruit intake should be monitored since too much fruit may lead to high blood sugar. " http://www.fitsugar.com/Sugar-Content-Fruit-20134844 If you are interested in how much sugar the average fuit contains, they also show this chart:

Fruit sugar chart:

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