Discussing :: No sugar and no fat every 2nd day?


No sugar and no fat every 2nd day?

Wonder if this would help us lose weight and get rid of those cravings? It's my personal idea by the way(!) but maybe it does make sense? Jill:)


I think cutting down on either of those things is a great idea and admirable goal, but I'm not sure it would get rid of cravings if you only did every second day... I'm only speaking for myself personally, but if I knew I could have the naughty foods the next day, then A) I would do great to hold out, but would be craving it and then B) binge the next day, and then the two-day cycle would just repeat and repeat and...

I would say it would be easiest to go cold turkey, like I did with cigaretttes years ago (and that was surprisingly easy), but I know it's not the same. For one thing, you can eat sugar anywhere, including at your desk; and also, sugar is far more easily accessible (and cheaper) than cigarettes.

I'm not a big sweet-tooth already, so rarely eat sugar, but I'm trying to cut down on salty carbs (potato chips are my archilles heel!). The way I've gone about it is to only buy one small bag, once a week. Then I keep them in the cupboard for as long as I can, but reason with myself that I get to eat them in a week, so do I really want to eat them on day 1 and then have nothing to look forward to if I have a crap day? I find the small portion size helps, because otherwise I'd eat the whole bag, and having them sitting there is like a personal challenge.

Maybe choose your weakest food, and instead of alternating every second day, try less (but not none at all)?


Great idea, Jillaut, but in my own case I think I would overindulge on the legal days. Probably best to gradually cut back on a daily basis, small steps, etc.? Good luck.


This just might make you go crazy on sugar every second day!


Depends on how strong your self control is. It might just make you binge on days you are allowed to eat them. Maybe a better alternative would be to slowly cut the sugar and fat off your diet.. Just my opinion.


I think it depends on you and your will power. I saw an interesting article on fasting for two days and eating only a third of your calorie intake on fasting days then eating regularly,for five days, it worked for those people...

I am sure cutting down in any capacity is a good thing and a great start.

Also look for alternatives to sugar that are healthier options to statist the craving you have for sweetness. Anything is a start so good luck, hope it goes well


I have really cut down on the sugar as that is my nemesis. No bikkies and no chocolate since the start of the year and I really have stopped craving it. I have balanced it out with loads of fresh fruit and at this time of the year it is quite easy..lots in season!


I'm not sure it would work for me ,I'm too much of a sweet tooth ,I think it's better just to eat everything in moderation really ,but I've heard lots of positive things about the 5 plus 2 plan ,they say the fasting is great for our bodies


Cutting down on both is a good idea but I don't know how easy it would be to do every 2nd day.


I couldn't do this, seems too hard, I just cut back and look for no sugar low fat products


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