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Neti Pots - personal experiences?

I've read quite a bit aboiut Neti pots for nasal irrigation and promoting good sinus health, but I've never met anyone who has actually used one. The idea sounds a little bizzare to me but the literature is very positive and makes sense. I always seem blocked up, especially in the morning and would love to find a natural solution. Has anyone tried using a Neti pot? What are your experiences? There seem to be different styles available? Is one better than the others?


Dr Oz, has done a demo on nasal cleansing with saline poured thru one out the other nostril ....... seemed gross but did the trick....


I have not found these that helpful to be honest ,I found myself more blocked up and felt quite miserable after using one,but maybe worth a try,everyone is different.


My flatmate swears by them - but then she's constantly sick during winter, and always blocked up. Word to the wise, if you live with others, don't leave the thing on the sink - even if it's clean it's still a bit icky. I tried it once, when I had a sniffle, and it was horrible - like when you're at the beach and you get dumped by a wave and get water up your nose. Not a pleasant feeling at all. But each to their own, like I said I know others who swear by it.


I'm a big fan, I have found I haven't had as many issues since I started using mine


Interesting I've never heard of this, wonder if it's OK for kids, I'm off to google this now


I have had nasal saline inhalers before but didn't find them very useful - presumably they work on the same principle as neti pots. worth a shot though. My sister wakes up sneezing and stuffed up every morning - winter or summer - so will let her know it's worked for others. Cheers


I have tried, i have severe sinus problems and i have to say it did not do a damn thing for me. Of course, everyone reacts differently so if you feel that it may help then go for it :)


I have been using this intermittantly but it does take a bit of practice. A couple of times water ended up in my ear and I became worried about possible consequences (no problem after doing some reading). Nevertheless, my ears are often blocked so I didn't really notice to start. However, about ten minutes after I had finished, I must have turned my head and suddenly the water simply ran out of one of my nostrils. I was so surprised! I have to say that the process certainly does clear your nose and it only takes a few minutes to do. However, it's really very important to add salt to your water. Without it, the process is almost painful but with a saline solution you can barely feel it. I've attached a video showing a child using a neti pot. Not sure I believe all the hype but I'm certainly more positive than negative about this ancient self-treatment. [youtube]http://www.yogahealer.com/teach-your-kids-neti-pot/[/youtube]


I've never heard of these before, but they sound worth trying for a blocked nose. Thanks for the tip on the importance of the salt water.


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