Discussing :: Most effective way of losing weight??


Most effective way of losing weight??

i reaaally need to lose weight within 4 weeks. and not just a few pounds, but a significant amount (20kg) i know it's possible and i know it requires ALOT of hard work and willpower(to keep away from the food). is there a daily routine or specific healthy diet that can make this easier? started swimming, but with work and family it's hard to be consistent. =/

high power resitant training and cardio interval training a great idea


Wish I could help, but I don't think I would be of much help...since 20KG is a lot to lose within a small amount of time...Probably best to go for to someone that will be able to give you a professional regime for both your diet and exercise and they will help you out with your goal in a safe way!! :) I am sure you can reach your goal with some proper help from someone that knows what they're talking about ;)


In the mean time...I've heard drinking apple cider vinegar (braggs is the best) before all three main meals with some warm water and honey can help with weight loss and it has MANY other good things going it for it too.....I use it for a 'daily tonic' as such ;).


Yippeee! Heard on National Radio today that a glass of red wine every day causes weight loss though the researchers aren't sure why! Looking out for more information to report!


myfitnesspal.com is really good wat to track your calories... and your fitness... and it gives you this update at the end of each day how much you will weight in 5 weeks time if you carry on eating like you did that day!@


If you want to ''most effective way of losing weight' You take care of my needs (wash, cook. clean etc etc.. ) everyday ;-)


...most effective way of losing weight....is the same old process exercise and healthy portioned size meals....the extreme is sewing your mouth shut!....just saying


20kg is to much to lose in 4 weeks.It will set you up for gaining weight afterwards.try a smaller plate and more vegetables,fruit and grains.Drink water not juice and convince yourself to add exercise to every day by walking up stairs,parking or bussing further away etc.Get plenty of sleep and dont forget to allow a wee treat each day either.


I have lost and kept off heaps of weight trying the techniques laid out in the 4 hour body by Tim Ferriss. He recommends a slow carb diet which is super easy to follow with a cheat day that actually helps you loose weight by tricking your metabolism into high gear mixed with kettle bell swings and mytotic crunches I saw massive results very quickly! Good Luck! x S http://fourhourbody.com/


Pilates and yoga are remarkably effective in losing weight and toning muscle - combined with some cardio and work and a healthy diet you can't go wrong.


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