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I also use a menstrual cup and would never go back to using tampons now. I do have to use a pad on the first day/night and liners the next day or two as I have really heavy bleeding and it will leak if left in too long or overnight but considering I used to wake up in a pool of blood before I used the cup this is a much better option. I paid about $50 for mine I think, that was about 3-4 years ago, so they last a long time and will save you a lot of money.


That's so interesting that so many of you are using cups and I don't know anyone who does - and have never even discussed them before. I have a merina so have very light flow but am a tampon girl completely. So much easier than pads.


I'm put off by the plasticyness of cups and that they're not fail-safe like tampons. It could be annoying to use but I guess over time you'd figure out what's the best for yourself with them. I remember my Aunt telling me when she first got her period they had these waist belts that went around your waist and you pinned a pad between your legs over the front and back rims of the belt, thank the lordy times have a-changed. I'll always look into alternatives for their merit and cups if you are comfortable with them, I agree, are great for the planet on some levels but cotton is a renewable resource, though it could be managed better with fewer pesticides if farming practices were changed and hemp fibre could be used very safely in it's place, a plant that itself renews the soil and I wonder what the source product is for cups and how renewable that is? Unfortunately cups just aren't something I think I could put in my body.


What a lot of interesting comments about this product called a cup. Never ever heard of it. I was one of those girls years ago that used the belt and a pad pinned on. Then as I got older the pads that you could stick to your panties and tampons is what I used. Now I am in my 50s I no longer have periods. It is great not having to bother with periods any more. But you do end up having other problems that come with menopause. Weight gain. Low sex drive. Hair lose. Interrupted sleep. Yep yep and the list goes on. So enjoy you periods while you can.


I use tampons in the day (&liners on really light days) and pads at nights- pads in the day are just way too uncomfortable for me. I have heard about the moon cups- they just look so big and painful to me- re-usable pads do sound good -maybe something for me to look in to - do they work at well though?

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