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Lose weight without starving!

I, like many women, have tried all the diets under the sun to lose and maintain weight. However, as I have gotten older it has become so much harder... UNTIL i was introduced to a protocol that is fairly easy to maintain and has very quick, long lasting results. This 'program' involves eating a high protein, low carb diet (nothing new!), but focuses on meat. Meat 3 times a day (including breakfast), with 9 serves of veges per day, lots of fats and little or no carbs. To supplement this, weight training is a must, as it builds muscle and burns more calories than cardio workouts (such as running). I have been doing this for 3 weeks now, and have not felt hungry once, have tonnes more energy, and have lost at least 3cm off my waist already. And, to top it off, it takes so much less time than eating lentils and running 10km every day!

What kind of meat would you eat from breakfast? I can never find anything that works for me, im not overweight but I just want to loose a bit of excess jiggle and tone up but excersising and eating (mostly) well does nothing I just dont put weight on grrrr

Have you lost 3cm in 3 weeks?

Congrats on losing 3cm off your waist. I find it very hard to stick to a diet. I am not much of a meat person to begin with.

I have been having steak or fish for breakfast... It doesnt have to be a huge amount, just a palm size piece of high quality meat

yes :)

Only eat wholefoods - if it doesn't grow that way don't eat it.

That means wholegrain bread, fruit, vegetables, fish, lean red meat, chicken, nuts, low fat dairy. Cut out sugar and bad fats - no margarine or butter on your bread but you can cook with olive oil or canola.

This sounds great!


I think I'd feel really unhealthy eating this sort of diet. I'd be interested in what you have for breakfast too.


Would bacon count as an ok meat to eat for breakfast in this regime? It's so fatty though?

Uhm, i would say no- just because its very processed and not very high in protein... WHich is the whole aim of eating meat


Eeek I think I would struggle on this I dont like meat that much, I eat some chicken and free range bacon now and then, I just couldnt contemplate eating meat three times a day...


Sounds good in my books (I love my meat!)! With 9+ veg/fruit portions a day as well, it sounds more than what I would normally eat in a day, but if it's all healthy and it works, then hey, that's awesome.


It sounds more than I'd usually eat too. I think I'd bee feeling so full and weighted down I wouldn't be able to bring myself to exercise at all! It's interesting to know this sort of things works for some people though.

I thought that to start with as well, but it was the opposite! I felt so light without stodgy carbs inside me. it was amazing


I have always found it hard to have enough veges in the day. . . opted to even take vege sticks to work because I struggle to get them in any other time. Congrats for being able to stick to something like this. So weight training helps you loose more than cardio?? have always thought it was the other way around. . will have to try that


sounds interesting.... i found though that after no carbs for a while i started to get low on energy... im not sure if this is correct but my beliefs are that carbs give you energy... and the energy not burned turns into fat.... and so when you go no carbs for a while it gets rid of all those excess carbs or fat that in your body.. but when the excess carbs run low/out you start loosing your energy?

Your veges have carbs :) but just a very healthy healthy low dose... And if you're eating lots of protein and fat your body has sufficient energy


This sounds interesting Maybe having little breakfast sausages for breakfast? Or half a tin of tuna in an omelette or something. Would this work? Personally I cant stick to diets! I enjoy my food too much and like to eat anything and everything! Good on you to trying something out. Also veges are ridiculously expensive these days! Sometimes a head of broccoli can cost like $4 and the it is about the size of my hand!! - this could do like a meal for me! Being on a $30 food budget a week does not get you far :(. Sort of out of topic, but where are good places to get cheap veges? Is fruit world cheaper than regular supermarkets? Would it be worth it for me to catch the bus outta the CBD to go to one? Thanks :)


omg don't get me started on the cost of veges!!! its ridiculous!! But yer fruit world is cheaper... well the fruit place i go to is deff cheaper... e.g. i got 3 capsicans for $3... and at the super 1 was $3... corgettes... i got 5 for $3.. at the super i got 3 for $5... cucumer was $1 cheaper... everything is i think!!


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