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Iron Defficency....!

For the last few months I have been really,really tired and my stomach has been very bloated...I just put it down to being overseas and eating different foods. Anyway to cut a long story short I wsan't getting any better on my return to NZ,So I went to my doctors had a blood test and turns out due to my heavy periods I have a huge Iron defficiency and am anemic as well. I really should have realised and been taking Iron tablets....so just wanted to let other women know that it is quite common for Women to be lacking in Iron...and if you have a lck of energy or bloatness then this could be the cause....:-)


I've thought for many years I've had an iron difficency. I often feel weak and exhausted after baths and I do have heavy periods


Ive been told that I had an iron defifiency cause I used to get dizzy a whole lot so I went on iron tablets and got regular injections. It took a few months to get right again and Ive started eating more red meat.

Yes I think it will take me awhile to get right....Eating mor red meat is a good idea...although I am not a fan...:-)


Wow really really interesting... I have had lots of dizzy spells and never thought about this. Thank you so much for the tip.


RED MEAT is full of IRON> esp> liver< ... IF you're serious about good health, eat liver, fry & lamb/beef..... Vegetarians are relying too much on tablets .. as vege iron alone will not be efficient.


It is something all woman need to be aware of. There is no reason why you can't still be a vegetarian though. I am a vegetarian and as long as you do your research have a healthy diet you can get enough iron. You also have to remember that too much red meat isn't healthy. Also sometimes diet isn't enough for meat eater or vegetarian and a supplement may be needed.


Our Iron levels come down to our genetic make up l guess. I'm a regular blood donor and had to take a six month break last year after my doctor detected my iron level had dropped a bit too low. After a course of strong iron tablet everything is back to normal. I did find the iron tablets were hard on my digestive system & No.2's, so was glad to be free of them. I would certainly prefer a juicy piece of steak to iron tablets any day.


Glad to hear you now know what it is and have it sorted! I had similar thing but got so bad I neded and iron transfusion :( so yes ladies get on top of it if you "know/feel" something is just not right


I didn't realise this is so common! I'm low on iron too, almost hospitalised when I was pregnant for it. What exactly is an iron transfusion?


i also have this problem and even though i am in my 50.s so not that same as for the younger women, apparently my body has trouble asorbing the iron,no matter how much food i eat enriched with iron, so i have to take iron pills, i take the natural ones solgard which dont do all the nasty thing the ones prescribed for you do, and i was also told to eat or drink vitamin c when eating foods high in iron, as this helps them to be asorbed in to your body,it is very important to get it sorted as it really does impact on our life.

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