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Ideas for kicking the flu

Yesterday I woke with a dry horrible throat which resulted in me losing my voice. Today is my day off and I feel even worse (sore limbs/chesty cough/headachy etc etc). My nose seems to be okay (no blowing of the nose) I have work tomorrow and I want to be allgood for it. Any ideas that will help me gain some energy etc. I feel horrid. :( I think I'll take some panadol...but I have been sipping lemon/honey drinks. Any other suggestions?


Garlic, honey in hot water.... along with plenty of Vit C, [capsicum/garlic is a ideal pre-flu preventative] + red meat for iron! ...... soup .......

garlic..thats something different! i will try it though. i have some pulpy orange juice...might drink that up too. unfortunately i just chucked up (maybe its a stomach flu?).

mmm hot soup sounds so appealing right now. im hungry but i don't want to eat :s


take the lemsip drink as soon as you feel it comming on - just a itch in your throat or something, and lots of rest. Often you can kick it before it truely starts!


my secret cure eat one whole lemon seems to work for me.


Suck a garlic clove, the anti-bacteria helps kill the throat germs etc ... + soup


if you feel up to it make a big pot of vegetable soup helps keep your energy levels up and easy to heat up.a chicken based soup is particularly good something about chicken soup for the soul.


Have found, (where I got this from I so don't remember), I have a rosemary bush outside my kitchen window, so am lucky there, but if i feel sniffly, especially if throat is getting scratchy, break off a sprig of rosemary(bout 10cm's long), bit of a crush in the hand, nothin fancy, into a large mug, juice of 1 whole lemon, heaped teaspoon of Manuka honey and garlic(i have crushed so put in about a teaspoon) or a clove or 2 crushed is all good, good stir, let sit(cover if you can, keeps the steam in while steeping)for a few minutes, then sip on that and usually as a rule, feeling like a box of fluffies come next day!!!! truly works and doesnt taste as bad as one might think ;)


I made a massive batch of Elderberry cordial this year and it's brilliant for sore throats and coughs among many other things. Considering the tree grows like a weed I'm surprised I don't hear of more people using it. You put berries in a pot, just cover with water, simmer 20 mins, strain through muslin/cheesecloth (squeezing out all juice). For every 500ml of juice add 2 cups of sugar and 12 cloves. Boil 10 mins, pour into sterilised bottles, add a few extra cloves and seal. It lasts about two years, well not in my house but you get the idea, it's simple as. A tablespoon a day during winter or with hot water for a hot toddy, I even gargle it, sore throats just disappear and I don't get ill as often as I used to. I highly recommend trying it.


All year round I make up a sterilized glass jar of salt water - that is just a little bit of salt into hot water - then I use daily by leaning over the sink pouring some into my hand and inhaling it up into my nose, I then tilt my head back until it reaches my throat then I lean over the sink to let the rest drip out - I know it doesn't sound lady like but it works good by clearing your nasal passages and helps by keeping your nose and chest from infections etc


use Immunoshield - start taking for a few days as soon as you feel something coming on, full of echinacea etc - it works!


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