Discussing :: How to lose my overweight? Please help!


The best way to lose weight and actually keep it off is to ammend your lifestyle. Drink moderately, exercise every day and drink plenty of water. If it's really too hard to lose it talk to your doctor about alternative ways.


I need to lose the baby weight! I had my bubs 12 weeks ago via c section and am finding it quite tricky. It doesnt help that I still have tenderness and numbness. My diet is good, but really need to build up my strength.


I can so dramatically change your lifestyle. Given that I work 10-12 hours!


The latest fad is 'sweat-pants'... ads on TV, so they must work~!


Food blending is a craze......


Eat like a guy, try a protein diet (PALEO DIET). No Sugar, No potatoes, No white bread, No margarine & No low-fat products. Eat Fat (YES) butter, natural yogart, full milk & fatty meat are all good for you. You will loose weight and lower your cholesterol. You need to cut out the sugar, which means No Fruit Juice, just water. You need to eat like your grandparents, if the food is man-made then it’s not for your mouth. For breakfast start the day with just protein, say bacon & eggs (No bread, no carbs at all). The sugar in natural fruit is good for you. Eat plenty of vegetables at meal time (except potatoes). Eat almond’s, pumpkin seeds, fruit or carrots for a snack, No Junk Food. Eat regular meals, do not miss any. You want your brain to think it has an endless supply of food and it will then shed body fat. Fasting puts your body into Storage Mode, you do not want this. Exercise: It needs to be high intensity (short bursts). I no longer run kilometres around the streets for hours, instead l run up a hill at home at speed as fast as l can. The goal is to be gasping. I complete this five times and am usually home after 25 mins. That’s all it takes to lose weight. I lost 12kg in 3 months, it wasn’t that hard & it does work. My cholesterol went from 5.1 down to 4.7 also in those 3 months. At the end of the day you need to ask yourself, how bad do l want to lose weight, have l got the will power to achieve my goal. Unfortunately this is where people come unstuck. You must stick to the program then it comes naturally as a way of life and your overweight figure is gone forever. Good luck.


Quote Of The Day: If you want to gain weight then Diet, it works every time.


I would not be able to keep such a diet! For this I use weight loss product!


it is now easy to lose weight but you have to do some exercise so that you can lose it rapidly. however jogging is also a great way to lose it . but if you do so you have to give time in it . thanks http://15homeremedies.com/506/garcinia-cambogia/


Lol. The English is not so good either. Antonia,Paolina and friends had better stick to their day jobs as they are not very good actresses. Exercise and healthy eating is always the best way.

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