Discussing :: How to lose my overweight? Please help!


For the same reason I use weight loss products!


More exercise and less food is the key but in saying that weight loss is linked to you mood. If i am unhappy I eat more. Its like a game of domino's one thing hinges on another. Just try to be healthy and forget about the weight.


There is no quick fix unfortunately.I have tried lots of products but I think it's really a lifestyle change that will help the most. More exercise and healthy food choices would be the best bet.


People are out to pinch other people's money. A lot of diets are just fads. Cut out the junk foods and eating healthy...have an exercise plan too...:) x


This is a topic I'm very passionate about! Calories in vs. calories out. To drop fat (because that should be the focus - not weight), you need to be at a calorie deficit. Likes of 'my fitness pal' is brilliant for tracking this. You have to get active - in some way, and in a way that'll work for you. Yes, adopt lifestyle changes that'll last, but know that the calorie deficit isn't going to last forever.


Eat less and walk. Its simple but its so hard. I don't believe in pills to lose weight. Its really the lifestyle. Best of luck!


Before you start on any diet you should check with your Doctor to make sure you have no health problems. Some heath issues could affect any weight loss.


Eat healthy and exercise. Hate to say it but that's the only thing that works for me.


I wrote a blog about how I did it http://puresong-livingwell.blogspot.co.nz/. Get as much balanced information as possible. I use fitocracy and sparkpeople, I also liked sharecare.


I don't know anything about this product by boy I've tried a few in my time, all to no avail. There may be short term gains and I might lose some weight, but I generally find it again sooner or later. I think look for the reason you are over eating or eating the wrong foods. For me it was grief that started the ball rolling, then is got carried away and just ate for the sake of it, getting bigger and bigger. Understanding why I was using food to console me was a help. The next step was replacing junk food with other things, water, carrot sticks, wine and soda instead of just wine on its own. Then looking at how I can increase fitness, I want to start slow and steady so it's taking the stairs, walking around the shops at lunchtime, doing more gardening and washing down the house, painting, anything that gets me moving. When I have lost a bit more I might feel more comfortable doing other exercise and walking more around the neighbourhood, but starting is good, and at a pace I know I can keep up with. Good Luck, one step at a time and you will get there.

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