Discussing :: How to lose my overweight? Please help!


clean eating is the way and lots of water ...


I agree its all about what you eat like low carbs and high protein foods and walking is a nice low impact way of excercising.. Good Luck!


I did it all with exercise and dieting, it's the way to go!


The older you get the harder it becomes to lose weight. Get a dog and then you have to walk every day and they are just the best companions.


My number one tip for losing weight is to go out and, as much as you can, live life to the the full. Try new things, go new places, meet new people. Do things differently. While you are busy you are not usually eating or thinking about eating. You will be rushing around more and getting more physical activity too. Before you know it, the kilos will slip away!


there is NO easy way to loose weight, all these diet products that are advertised, are in my opinion just temporary,you really just need to change your lifestyle and exercise, for me weight watchers is excellent, you can eat like everyone else, you just learn portion control,and eat healthier and lower fat foods, it does not even feel like a diet, i enjoy everything i always have, and still loose weight, it is also the one doctors recommend to everyone, because it does no harm, unlike a lot of other fad diets which ensure you quick weight loss, about 500grms to 1kg a week is a good weight loss and you should never really aim to loose more than that, except in your first few weeks, then you learn how to maintain your weight, i have never heard of the product you mentioned, but if i were you i would not try pills and potions, you never know the long term side effects,join WW and enjoy the new you.


I think in some instances a little extra help is needed - especially when you're just starting out with a huge amount to lose to get to a healthy point. But I think the fundamental key is attitude. If you WANT to lose weight, you will find a way. If you don't, you'll find excuses. There is no easy way - even with pills. You still need to get your eating under control (or in my case the wine drinking usually!), and put in the effort and get active. The other key thing is 'shocking' your body into weight loss. Doing the same thing over and over isn't going to get results, you'll plateau and go nowhere. Try something new - whether it be running (if you're not a natural runner - this is really effective for me), a boxing class, cross fit.


Oh and as for supplements/pills - I'd be talking to either a health store, pharmacist or fitness store to talk through options that'll fit with what you're after. I'm big on thermogenics - there's a lot of alternative opinions on them, but I find if you're trying to shed those last few pounds and fitness isn't quite doing it they can be an option - but different people react differently to them and there's a big range of quality out there - so get a professional opinion!


I jog down my road 5-6 times a week and that seems to keep me fit, but if you don't push yourself further you won't lose any weight, so start off slow and build yourself up to it, and then afterwards do some push ups/crunches, etc because your heart rate is up and thats when you start building your fitness :)


Now I agree that exercise and eating sensibly is the way to go. I am 20 kegs overweight and frankly lazy which is why i am not losing weight. I too purchased online pills which say I will lose kilos upon kilos and what have I lost...nada...oh hang on yes I did money....... So don't go there, just get into a good frame of mind and go for it. I will be


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