Discussing :: How to lose my overweight? Please help!


How to lose my overweight? Please help!

Hello. Help me to lose my overweight! From many times i try but without success! Now I found product for weight loss lipovon. Do you have any information about it? Thank you :)

Hello, what do you think about Lipovon? Do you have any intention to use it?

I used Lipovon one month ago. I think that's a very good product.

Hi, how you feel now, do you have any problems?

I feel very good, I don'h have any problem!

Lipovon is a totally natural product that supports harmless, fast and long-term weight loss. I have used Lipovon 6 month ago and I think it is good product and I don’t have any problem with this. Since I am resume writing assistance at Artistic Resume Help. Making Lipovon a portion of your everyday routine, you will feel the difference right after the first week.


I don't understand why all are looking for an easy way to lose overweight. Try with more sport,exercises and healthy way of life! This is the best way !!!!!


I think that Lipovon is a known product, but I don't have information for it. Before you use look for more information! good luck!


Hi. I want to share my opinion for Lipovon. Two months ago I used lipovon, i managed to lose 6 kilograms, for month. Now I feel much better!

Paolina, can you share more details about Lipovon. How does it work, is there any side effects?

Lipovon acts by suppressing hunger and increases metabolism. I don't have problems with side effects!

And what about in the future?

In the future, I haven't had any problems!

Hi now in the side lipovon.com has a promotion of the lipovon.
( Buy a pack of 30 caps. (enough for 1 month) for £29.99 £23.99 only with delivery included to every country!). What do you think is this price is good?


I agree that you need to exert an extra effort in changing your lifestyle. You need to exercise and watch what you eat. It is also best to deal with emotional/psychological issues that usually trigger emotional eating. I've heard of Lipovon but what I've tried is Liproxenol. I read it in Yahoo News. I'm comfy using it since it uses all-natural ingredients that won't harm my liver. In a month's time I already lost 2kgs. Crossing my fingers that I'll maintain it.


No big secret method, recipe or secret pill to maintain a healthy weight just regular exercise and healthy eating.....



Exercise with healthy eating is the best way. The body likes slow changes in terms of food and exercise so don't do crash diets nor bursts of exercise, build up slowly to give long term results. Your body needs to get used to these gradual changes so it doesn't rebel

I agree with you. But this method is not effective in all of us




This post is spam - advertising badly disguised as forum contribution. I looked up Lipovan and found innumerable forums with posts which start of with almost the exact same words asking for someone to tell them about this product. The same posts then followed saying how great it is. The posts seem to be created from overseas as the language is invariably stilted and although their names varied, they were usually of foreign (Russian?) origin.

lol thanks for that... bit of a worry... you cant go anywhere these days without being scammed one way or another!!


This is not so. Too bad, why you think that way!

nice post..
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