Discussing :: How much sleep do you get a night?


How much sleep do you get a night?

They say 7-9 hours sleep a night for an adult should do it, but I find myself sleeping 10/11 hours! I'd much rather run off of fewer hours, cause I need all the extra time I can get. I know of friends who regularly get around 5 hours and say they feel fine. How about you?


I am the same! Although I love my sleep I have heard that if you force yourself to get up and make it a routine (even if you don't necessarily have anything to get up for) then your body slowly teaches itself to get up at that time and you gain more energy. They say it takes 30 days to build a habit so maybe try getting up at 6am for a month and see how you go?


I would loveeeeee more sleep! I think my biggest problem is the internet! Need to have a computer free evening and then go to bed earlier, and maybe I wont be so crabby when my 2 year old comes in and wakes me up!


7 if im lucky, speaking of which i should go to bed now lol


It seems the older I get the less sleep I need - once upon a time I could quite happily sleep all day, these days no matter what time I go to bed I am wide awake by 6am. NOT fun on a Sunday after a night out!


I usaully get about 9 or 10 hours sleep! am always up at 6 am every morning.


....definitely not enough....my body is so use to get up before my alarm goes off that it sucks...even on the weekend trying to get a few extra weeks is a mish.....I love sleeping am hoping to catch up on it over xmas.....I have to make myself go to sleep early sometimes just so I know I may get a few more minutes of sleeping in but end up lying there awake not being able to sleep while my partner is next to me out....the buggar


I love sleeping. If I could manage it, (and there is no way I can) I'd gladly go to bed a few hours earlier just so I could wake up and then go back to sleep. I love waking up in the morning and then falling asleeep again - all those lovely lucid dreams that you can manipulate just as you please. Nothing beats a weeked sleep-in where nothing is actually forcing you out of bed apart from guilt or hubbie making as much noise as he can!


I used to sleep 8-10 hours - I need it running a household and working full time but as I'm preggers I'm not getting much at all. it's so unbelievably uncomfortable!


I only seem to average 5-6hours of sleep a night. I dont sleep that well and find those hours seem to sustain me but i do have the odd day when i feel i could have the odd nanna nap and feel quite drained.


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