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Love all fruits and nuts, crackers and cheese with relishes, yoghurt with fruit.....my bad habit though is income noodles....LOVE them but so very bad for you........once a week is what I aim for having them and try eat healthy the rest of the time to make up for eat.


Raw, mixed nuts. I always have a big bag at my desk. I find a handful of nuts is the best way to overcome any chocolate / baking cravings. I wanted to lose a couple of kg for my wedding and found that all I had to do was cut out most alcohol and sugar. Still eat like a horse and am a healthy size ten. Cutting out the sugar and going hard on the nuts did it for me.


There are some great suggestions in here! Ive been on the hunt for some low fat, healthy snacks since I gave up smoking 4 weeks ago. Its not long but i'm on the right track. I really dont want to replace smoking with eating


mmmmm nuts!! Brazil or almond are my fav!


Crunching on some walnuts for omega 3, brazil nuts for selenium, almonds for vitamin E and carrots for vitamin A.


When I feel like a snack I rarely crave sweets, I prefer savoury. I really love basil pesto on multi grain crackers. I also love dipping baby carrots in salsa. Both of these snacks are low fat and still satisfying so I don't feel guilty indulging in them!

o0o0 i like that idea... the baby carrots one... i guess its just a case of making sure you always have them in the fridge


this is the best part of the year for our choice of healthy snacks from fresh veges, fruits nuts dried fruits it is all there what a variety to spoil yourself with, choice of dips or crackers to add to the variety are there also so happy dipping and eating all


I sometimes make mini cocktail sticks for the kids lunches, I put cheery tomatoes, cheese, carrot, olives, any small item that will fit on a cocktail stick. They can also be fruity with strawberries, pineapple, grapes etc.


Loving homemade salsa at the moment with rice crackers & vegetable sticks - just mix together fresh tomato, cucumber, red onion, stacks of coriander, a little bit of fresh chilli & a squeeze of lemon juice. Yum! It's also great as a sauce with chicken & fish.


I do rather enjoy popcorn, if you make it without the butter, it is very low fat, i also love nuts, although nuts are high in fat, they are good fats and if you have a handful a day, is no sin, and very good for you, other than that i enjoy rice crackers flavoured ones especially.


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