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I recently tried some rice crackers from Ceres Organics that are really good.


I often enjoy Weight Watchers jelly when I am looking for a "sweet" snack :)


A snack between meals should be just that "a snack or nibble", not a steak or mince pie between meals. So to keep it healthy why not try a handful of walnuts.
WALNUTS are a great healthy snack, lots of Protein, more Omega-3s than salmon, and more Antioxidants than red wine. While Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Almonds, Pistachios and Macadamia Nuts share some of these they don’t have all three like walnuts do. Show some self control, just a handful at a time is all you need for a snack. If you do get hooked on home grown walnuts which l am, then try a few on your porridge or muesli also.


I keep jars of assorted nuts in my pantry for cookiing and snacking. They always look so beautiful and tempting when I open that magical door in my kitchen. So if I am ravenous between meals I might have two or three almonds.. then maybe a pistachio, a walnut, a pecan... ooo what about some of those cashews or those honey salted peanuts... but now I'm thirsty... a glass of water... no soda water tastes better.. maybe just a dash of elderberry cordial...


Chocolate for sure,......... just don't eat the ones with cals.... lol..!


sunflower seed are my favorite snack


Celery sticks are nice for a quick snack and you lose more celories than you gain by eating it bonus


Popcorn is a great snack, as well as delites crackers- these are very tasty and gluten free as well.


any cute wee airtight container makes any diced/sliced fruit delicious during the day.. If I give my kids an apple 90% of the time they wont eat it but this way theres none left


You can get these little scroggin' packs from the supermarket, with about 12 little packed mini bags with nuts, a couple of dark choc bits and dried fruit - soooo yummy! The brand is Tasti and they're called 'Raw Snacking'. I love putting them in my hadnbag when I head out so that I've got something to snack on and don't instead stop by a fast food place for fries. Also everyone's saying popcorn so I'll add that Kettlekorn is a wicked brand. It's free from all the nasties, gluten free, dairy free etc etc and is DELICIOUS. And addictive. So addictive. At home rice crackers with toppings like avocado, red pepper and gherkin are delish. Tons of toppings you can do. Kale chips, or vege chips as well from most speciality or organic food stores. Yumm!


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