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Healthy snacks

What are your favourite healthy snacks? I love to snack and other than obvious things like fruit/dried fruit what are some good healthy foods to snack on?

I've just planted celery, rocket, carrots and strawberries in my garden along with rainbow chard and cos lettuces which have kept us going all winter. Seriously nothing is better than snacking on fresh veges from your own garden and it saves on groceries. Parsley is another greta snacker item. Not too mention that gardening has great mental and physical health benefits as well.

I like to make home made crackers :) They probably aren't the healthiest thing ever but I'm sure they are much better than bought ones. This is the recipe I use :)

I try to always have healthy food in the fridge/on the bench. The more I read about people "taking the easy way out with fast food" the more I wonder what could be faster than peeling an orange or banana or simply eating an apple. I tend not to go for dried fruit so much as it really concentrates the sugars and you can end up eating far more calories than you realise. Nuts and seeds are great too, but again are very more-ish and you can also eat a tonne of calories without realising.

Bananas, One Square Meal bars, kiwifruit and oranges are my favourites.

I love cruskits or light bread and pile them up with avacado, tomato and vegemite.

I love to snack on nuts-especially almonds and walnuts as they ae so high in protien, making them very filling and also a great source of EFA (essential fatty acids) essential for women to give you healthy and shiny skin and hair. Walnuts especially are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids often found in fish which contribute to brain health and memory and especially helpful to those who suffer from depression. Pop a handful in with a tub of fresh youghurt and berries a voila a healthy, tasty and filling snack! Just a handy tip :>


Have you tried popcorn? Zero calories, and it banishes the munchies. Just don't drown it with butter or salt. A small sprinkle of curry powder actually works well!

Like the idea of Curry powder - shall try that!!

Thats a interesting thing I wouldnt have thought of trying ...

yes curry powder is great so is smoked paprika that works a breeze, with my healthy snacks I always make sure I have one small pack on me where ever I go, usually walnuts or something similar and they work a treat

I love popcorn as a healthy snack!! And its pretty cheap and goes so far. If you love spicy food a wee sprinkle of chili powder amps up fat burning as well.


That sounds like a great idea to add extra flavour!! Nuts are also a good idea, and yoghurt - the low fat low suger typer, but there are some good ones out there these days, and it means you can have some yummy flavoured things without too many calories!!


I haven't tried curry powder on popcorn before but sounds like a good idea! I'll have to get back into eating yoghurt too, I used to enjoy it but haven't had it for a while.


I love having soup in a cup, especially homemade vegetable soup or when I'm out I get Miso soup from sushi stores.


Try out those pre-packed miso. Just add hot water, and store in a hot flask. It should taste remarkably similar to the ones sold in sushi stores, and you would be amazed at the money you save in the long run!

Cheers for the suggestion, will be on the look-out for them =)


Yes I usually have popcorn, love it - it seems like a treat even though its not :)


I love almonds :)


I'm big on vege sticks with hummus or crackers with cottage cheese for my snacks

i love the idea of this... and try it... well buy the ingredients,.... but always end up snacking on something bad for me!!


Also rice crackers are another great one I have, the chicken flavoured ones Yum

i love the sour cream ones... and delites make these nice little packets of them!!


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