Discussing :: Healthy breakfeast idea's please!


Healthy breakfeast idea's please!

Follwoing the earlier thread what do YOU eat for breakfeast, I was thinking we should discuss the healthiest options available for breakfast. Im looking for something low calorie, low fat, not too high in carbs AND must keep me full till lunchtime. I usually start my mornings at the gym then eat after. If im not at the gym in the morning, pre gym meal will be 2 scrambled eggs and half a cup of baked beans. Other mornings I will have 3 quaters of a cup of rolled oats and cup of milk mixed together to make porridge :) (low fat milk) Or I will buy a bircher yog and museli from les mills in the city (they make this themselves with low fat low sugar yoghurt and make their own bircher with fruit jucie). OR two pieces of wholegrain toast with butte rand marmite! What are some more healthy but filling options? :)


I find Special K with fresh fruit and cinnamon sprinkled on top is the way to go. :)


Yep Porridge definitely keeps me going and is what I eat every morning with my little girl. Luckily she is now so used to it she'd prefer it to the sugary alternatives.. long may it last although it is sometimes I think I burn more calories chewing the glump as it is a bit hard to get the same consistency lol!!!!!


yum! this is making me hungry. i loveeeeeee bircher muesli :D. i don't know if its healthy (its probably full of sugar) but i LOVE sultana bran! i'm thinking of making my own now...just mixing some sultanas with bran. mmmmmm. i think that people are actually unaware how much sugar can be in breakfast cereals from the supermarket! such as those fruitloops and cocoa pops. soooo bad for you!!


Crumpets are very low in fat and filling. Try them with an extra-low fat cheese slice and half a tin of baked beans and that will keep you going for ages. Sometimes I also sautee some mushrooms, peppers and courgettes, very nice with a splash of worcestershire sauce on top of the cheesy crumpet. A plain crumpet is only 95cal and 0.5g of fat (less than 0.1g of sat fat)


I usually have a few pieces of fruit and a handful of mixed nuts. Not sure what the nutritionists would have to say about that because there isn't much in the way of complex carbs but it works for me.


'Be Natural' cereal is great. With nuts etc, then some extra fruit goes well


Good old poached eggs on wholemeal toast

I agree - free range eggs on wholemeal with a squeeze of lemon, a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper and parsley on top. Mmm!


Smoothies, believe it or not I don't have the mid morning energy crash when having smoothies for breakfast that I did when having cereal.


I rekon 2 Burgen bread with edam cheese slices on top. Fulls you right up until lunch, is healthy and a great help to weight loss!


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