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Hair Alleregy Test

Anyone had this done before, or even heard of it?! Im having one done atm... you simply send a lock of your hair in and they come back to you with all your allergies ( Food and common household goods... like hair dye and animal furr)!


I had never heard of this so I looked up Google and found this information from the Auckland Allergy Clinic http://www.allergyclinic.co.nz/guides/4.html Hair Analysis Hair analysis is a test in which a sample of a person’s hair is sent to a lab for measurement of its mineral content. Although hair analysis has limited value as a screening device for heavy metal exposure, it is not reliable for evaluating the nutritional status of individuals. Most commercial hair analysis labs have not validated their analytical techniques by checking them against standard reference materials. Various substances, such as shampoo, bleaches, and hair dyes, can affect hair mineral content. Normal range of hair mineral has not been defined. Hair grows slowly (1cm/month), so even hair closest to the scalp is several weeks old and thus may not reflect current body status for health diagnosis. Hair analysis as a method of detecting allergies was quite a popular in the 1980’s, but seems to be less popular now. The test supposedly noted toxic levels of heavy metals or low levels of selenium, zinc, chromium, manganese, and magnesium in hair samples which apparently indicated allergy. Double-blind studies failed to show any diagnostic value to this test. Several reporters have sent hair samples from the same person to different labs for hair analysis. The reports varied considerably between identical samples sent to the same lab, and from lab to lab. Most of the reports contained computerized interpretations that were voluminous. A recent study published in JAMA entitled "Assessment of Commercial Labs Performing Hair Analysis" concluded "hair mineral analysis from these labs was unreliable, and we recommend that health care practitioners refrain from using such analyses to assess individual nutritional status or suspected environmental exposures. Problems with regulation and certification should also be assessed". Allergy New Zealand also states on their website: http://www.allergy.org.nz/A-Z+Allergies/How+Do+You+Get+Diagnosed.html Other tests are available to diagnose skin contact allergies, so ask your doctor. Many alternative allergy tests are available — measurement of food specific IgG antibodies, hair-analysis, cytotoxic tests, kinesiology, iridology, and electrodermal testing. None of these test have been proven to be accurate in diagnosing allergies, hence scientists cannot recommend the use of them in diagnosing allergies.


I've heard natropaths swear by hair allergy tests, but it's quite a lot of money. I'd want to know that it's a reliable test before I tried it.


Ok so my results are back... had them for about a week now... and ive noticed a difference already!! They came back in a 1-10 scale 9-10 Very illergic (avoid) 6-8 high intolerance (ok to have every few months) 4-5 intolerance (1 in 4 days) 1-3 sensitive (1 in 2 days) It then also have a detailed explanation about symptoms and side effects of each of my specified allergies. Top of the list - and one i have always known about was dairy. I then also had wheat - and beer and wine, which makes sense given the wheat allergy. I wont name the whole list, but it included vegetables, dust pollen, and flower pollen. They then also gave me a list of possible natural remedies to help any of the issues i had after having those particular goods. I have cut back on a lot of the stuff on my list - and did have a bunch of it one day because we were out with friends.. i woke up with a rash (that was common before taking these out of my diet).. and my toiletries were not good the next morning! So i have to say it seems pretty good to me


Wow that sounds great. If allergies are really affecting your life it might be worth doing to make sure you're eliminating the right thing


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