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Getting rid of the post-pregnancy tummy

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of that post pregnancy tummy? a year and a half on and my stomach's skin is still stretched and my belly-button is (no joke) two-three times larger than it was before I got pregnant. I've lost most of my baby weight, but my tummy just won't firm up! So frustrating :P


I am having the same problem! My baby girl is 5 months now and ive lost the baby fat but i cant seem to firm up, maybe I shud try zumba??

Hi girls, what kind of exercise are you doing currently?

I've been walking, pilates etc but am at the point of giving up completely!


lots of walking keeping busy all the time dont forget to drink lots of water.


well I lost all the weight but sadly I don't think I will ever loose the mummy tummy as its just loose skin like when a overweight person looses all their weight then they are left with flab... they get it cut off :( anyways my mummy tummy are my battle scars hehehe


Stink! 18 months is still not that much time in the big scheme of things. You probably still have stretch marks that show as well - these fade over time as well.


Maybe you should be proud of your tummy instead of wanting to be exactly the same shape as you were before your pregnancy. Who, other than the media, says it is less attractive to look the way you do now, rather than before you had your bubs? Go with the flow. If you and bubs are healthy, that's what counts. Do you really think hubbie loves you any less just because your body is slightly different? Be proud of yourself and your new body! There is nothing wrong with it at all.

I was concerned about my stretch marks for ages, but they feel more like battle scars and I am proud of them... Even my tummy squishness I can handle... but I just can't get over the fact that my belly button now looks like a nose :P Maybe I should get it pierced with a ring like a bull LOL


You might not want a belly-button at all in a second ? Did you know that belly-buttons harbour 1,400 species of bacteria! See: http://fallenscoop.com/1593/navel-gazing-scientists-discover-our-belly-buttons-harbour-1400-species-of-bacteria


I think that women shouldn't expect to be perfect after they have a baby and they should embrace their knew body with confidence :)

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