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Saw him today, he smiled and seemed shy. Now that I know he is somewhat interested, I just need to actually speak to the solidly built chap.


Saw him today, he smiled and seemed shy. Now that I know he is somewhat interested, I just need to actually speak to the solidly built chap.

...so nothing happened? you just exchanged glances?....you'd better make your interested noted soon else someone will be after that solidly built chap me thinks.....

Glances is a start! Next time say "Hey how's it going?" even if you don't stop long enough for more than that. Then if you're feeling braver (next time or when ever) dive in with the "Hey want to grab a coffee sometime?"

...maybe its me but time is of the essence if he is as nice as Laura says whos to say know one else is interested in him also, he seems like a really cool guy so am sure other girls have noticed.....to me a glance is not enough....but I hope she does well....maybe the slow but sure approach may work....


Heavens, the guy might already have a girl friend. He might be living with someone, married or engaged for all anyone knows. He might even be gay! Until you make contact and get to know him it's all just rather an interesting fantasy (sorry Laura).

...I was trying to give it to her gently...but yes Wice you are right could be a number of reasons so if she wants to know and to see if he is actually interested the best way is to ask.....I am surprised that this thread has so much activity....lol...I am partially to blame....lol


but still - a smile is exciting and is a start!! now it should give you the strength to go talk to him =)


I'm not surprised that "Ash" does have a girlfriend. Probably just thinks I'm a stalker now.

aww does he? that sucks!!


aww sorry to hear that Laura, was looking forward to seeing this story unfold.......


...sorry to hear about that Laura but at least you know now...


That's a pity Laura. I'm sure that 'Ash' was proabably tickled pink that you spoke to him, girlfriend or not. What man wouldn't like to have a lovely young woman approach him! I don't know what you said, but he will probably remember you fondly forever, just like me and my 'let me take you away from all this" notebearer so many years ago!

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