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I'm starting to see a romantic movie in the making!


I go to Pak'n Save often enough. Went twice yesterday and chickened out. Maybe this is the week to get over myself and just see if whatshisname is interested.


....I reckon you should just go for it...before someone else gets in before you, you may regret not doing so then if someone does first...else just ask him if he has a girlfriend and say cause there is a girl interested in him you don't have to say its you......one of the worse regrets is not trying at least you will know if he is single and if he is you can work on your next move, and if he is with someone well you can move on.....at least you can say you gave it a try and you'd be happy with that, but if he isn't with anyone well....depending on how he responds you could be in, if he sounds like a sweet guy when you talk to him...ask him if he wants to go and see a movie or something....he could just be shy...and if he does want a movie but you haven't got the courage to be alone yet you take a friend and tell him to bring one so things don't get to awkward at first or just exchange numbers if he's willing and text each other....you can't be a player if you are not in the game in the first place....good luck!


Did you read my post about the guy who passed me a note at work once "Let me take you away from all this?" Even though I never acted on it, or even talked to him, I can still see his face and he will always have a place in my heart for such a romantic gesture!


Both of you are so right. I know women aren't the only gender that get shy and awkward about this sort of situation, regardless of age.

...you should give it a try then and report back on how it went....you can do it!....


Ah Ha! Maybe all you need to do is borrow Foverme's maxi dress and then he's bound to notice you! :D


Haha you are so welcome anytime to borrow my dress......and my tiny bit of advice would be pick up a veggie an accidentally drop it right in front him........Hey that's your intro what you do next is up to you.............x


That wouldn't exactly be hard to miss hahaha :) I don't own any dresses, but do have a lovely new black top from Farmers.


I wonder how long it will take you to get dressed before the big move! :-)


Not too long I hope. Moisturising always takes ages.

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