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Getting noticed.

Forgive me for sounding like a teenager, but how do you get a man to really notice you? I'm not unattractive and a decent person, I just need some help in this department. He works at Pak'n Save.


try talking to him... flirting a bit?? lol ive been out of the 'game' for quite a while... but when ever we go out with my single friends who are trying to pick up.. they always just stand looking scared... I always seem to get them over to our group then try to leave them to it but some back a little while later and the guy is gone... and i think ive put it down to that im naturally flirty and bubbly,.. and they are not... so ive learned through that... lol long drawn out stroy... that a little flirting and happy chatting doesnt go amis!!


Yeah, of course that would help haha. The exact thing you don't want to do is stand there like a gimp. Not sure he would want anyone bothering him while he's stacking veges, haha. I could just blatantly ask if he has a girlfriend.


but you could start by askign him to help you find something... part of his job =P... then while your walking there spark up conversation...


You are very right. I appreciate this advice.


i have tonnes of friends in the same position as you - i think therse a shortage of guys atm haha!!


I know we don't want to look like dawks but this courtship thing is really absurd isn't it. So you go up the guy in the suprermaket and ask him if he has any pomegranates. He says no. Then what? He doesn't know you are interested in him for a mate. Do you then make a habit of asking him something every time you come in? Might take years before he twigs your ulterior motives. What I would do is be a little more cunning. Choose an item you know comes in and goes out of stock (something seasonal that you know is due in maybe). Go up to him and as if the item is in stock (which it obviously isn't). Maybe you can talk a bit about it and flirt a little at the same time. Then ask him if he would mind giving you a call when this item comes in. Give him your business card, or your name and address on a piece of paper (maybe make it smell nice too but squirting a little perfume on it in advance). You could also ask him his name and number and say that just in case he can't get you, perhaps you could ring him instead. If all goes well you will make contact again (and you will both have each others names and numbers anyway for future reference). You now have an excuse to talk to him when you next go in - to ask again, or to thank him for calling you, etc. Flirt some more. Chat a bit more. Ask him how long he has worked there, whether he likes it etc..... who knows where this saga might end!

lol thats basically the same thing =P

Yes - but with a little bit more help included for those not as savvy as you!


Hey Laura - just saw that it was you. How did you get on with a job? Any luck yet? It's a good time to start looking over Christmas!


Thanks, will see him tomorrow at least. And sadly no luck with a job since October. Just not much around!

well hopefully youll have more luck with the man =)


Hope so! I think I should just be brave for once and introduce myself. I don't even care if that's over eager.


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