Discussing :: Garlic - Love it, or hate it.


Garlic - Love it, or hate it.

Garlic has many benefits, eg Health supplement etc & food flavouring. Roast Garlic is my favourite. Many of us are familiar with Garlic Bread, a nice treat. A strong breathe may be the only down fall. The overall benefits out way the negative. Do you agree?
Winter flu/colds deterrent/remedy...... maybe ?

A Winter time health booster …….


my mum has always taken garlic tablets and and if we have a cold she always tells us to take them,.


Love garlic and use heaps of it in soups, casseroles and stir fries and of course garlic really keeps me healthy right through the winter


It's a pity people get so hung up on the smell of garlic. I love the taste and the health benefits are just too many to not make use of it (including for my horse). Yes, definitely more pros than cons.


Not the nicest smelling but goes great in so many dishes.


Garlic has so many good qualities its worth sneaking it in to anything.I remember being ill with a head cold and totally blocked ears while on a camping trip.I started chewing garlic cloves and lo and behold my ears cleared and my cold cleared quickly


Love Garlic, tastes delicious and oh so good for you, pity about the garlic breath though


Love the taste but not the garlic breath.


I love garlic for colds etc it's healing properties are numerous and I am a big believer. I use it when I have a cold. Slow cooked and crushed up in hot water and lemon juice. A bit yuckky but tolerable and it works.


I love garlic and tend to go overboard when putting it in dishes. Luckily everyone else loves it as well. It also keeps the vampires away.


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