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Gaining weight - the best way to do it?

Hi everyone. I lost weight recently going through an illness and need to gain a bit back. The problem is I react to MSG which is in a lot of sauces, meats, breads...in the end my diet comes down to fruit, veges, meat and nuts. I'm also allergic to rolled oats.

What would be the best way to gain weight?


Hope your recovery is going well. It could be a good idea to talk to your doctor about this as you want to make sure your getting a balanced diet. I use a lot of herbs for flavour in my cooking which helps me stay away from bought sauces. I eat a lot of tinned lentils, chickpeas and beans as they're cheap very healthy and can bulk out just about any meal so I'd try adding more of them to your diet and chicken and steak are great protein sources to help rebuild muscle mass. Walnuts and almonds are super good. My Mum would say eat a cream cake every day but that's a bad habit to start ;) I reckon head to the doctor and see if you can get a referral to a nutritionist or similar. All the best in reaching your goal.


Agreed with the above. Also make sure you have enough hours of shuteye every night, which is also important.


Cut out the breads and carbs and eat as much fruit and veges along with a good exercise routine.


I hope that your recovery is going well, wishing you good health.

I would recommend going to a nutritionist; with a referral letter from your doctor outlining what your medical dietary requirements are. They can give you excellent recipes, and ideas for foods which do not contain oats but are high in carbs; which is what you will need to gain weight, it sounds to me.


Canned baby food, is a trick 'Body-builders' use. .... full of goodies, add to porridge etc


I suggest you go and see a nutritionist along with a personal trainer / body building type person am sure they can steer you in the right direction


Unless your weight is causing you physical problems and making you more unwell, don't let it worry you. Just try to eat a good nutritional, balanced diet every day and live as normally as possible. Enjoy life. In time your body will come back into balance and you will feel good at whatever weight you end up. I wouldn't worry about rushing the process. Don't let how much you weigh rule your life. You are well now so enjoy and appreciate life to the fullest.


Ha, the best way to gain weight is buy a large box of chocolates and don't share them. Boohoo the Christmas stash has almost gone, maybe Cadbury's will come to the rescue.


Stick with the exercising, keep a good diet with nutritious food, and forget about the numbers on the scales!

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