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Is anyone else concerned about the fluoride in the water. I grew up being told it was a good thing. And was told people in Christchurch had bad teeth because there was no fluoride, but at 37 my teeth aren't that great though I brush and floss religiously, and now they are saying it's slowly poisoning us, and causing a ton of health problems. I know I need to drink more water but every time I turn the tap on I worry. And I hate paying for bottled water. Do filters take the fluoride? Am I the only one who worries?


I know people who are very against it being added into our water and wont drink tap water. I haven't read nearly enough on it but would say it's a bit concerning and I'd like to know more about it too.


i dont know too much about it... but it would be interesting to know... because we do drink alot of water!!


As far as Im concerned the flouride in the water is good. Alot of your teeth make up is to do with your genes like most things. Flossing and cleaning prevents decay, the people I know that took flouride tablets when they were kids (25 years ago) have no filings and great teeth..


Also make sure you do go to your dentist for a proper clean now and then as even with brushing and flossing - tarter still builds up on other places on your teeth which brushing doesnt remove.

I do all of this and still have problems. No matter how much I clean, brush, floss, etc. And really, not a lot of tap water actually touches my teeth. A lot more does from brushing. I really don't see the point. I think if there is any chance fluoride is bad for us we should get rid of it, and take fluoride tabs if that's proven helpful.


I have to admit I really put this off! Bad teeth run in my family too.


i didnt even know it effected your teeth!!?


I've also heard mixed views on whether or not it's good for us.


I've heard mention of linking it to things like arthritis. Here is a page to check out http://www.fluoridealert.org/health/

I know, right!! I mean there is a lot of conflicting information, but I think if there's a chance it's bad then STOP!!

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