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Fishing, - a healthy perspective

The act of fishing has many outlooks for health e.g. to relax, to get out, meet people, fresh air, sunshine, to eat what you catch ...... thence to diet, mental & physical therapy ..!


I love fish. This summer has seen us put Snapper and Flounder on the table by fishing locally. We don't own a fancy boat and at the moment don't even have an outboard motor. What we do have is a little inside local knowledge, determination and my partners rowing abilities. What we don't do is OVERCROWD our small boat. What we always do is WEAR LIFEJACKETS. Safe and happy fishing everyone.


I so agree with this.I love the simple act of sitting on the wharf with a friend or family member and hearing the waves gently lap,seabirds swoop and sqwark al while getting fresh air and a change of scene.The bonus of course is a catch but even without that its a relaxing experience of time out from mundane things.


I guess waiting for those big fish to bite is a relaxing way to spend your day. Me l love to cook & eat those freshly caught snapper, leaving the fishing to hubby


Yep I go fishing too. We used to trout fish as a family when i was growing up and I remember my Grandad teaching me when I was quite young. Now we do sea fishing as a family and it is a great way to spend time together. We have bought our kids up respecting the environment and how important it is to protect it so future generations can also enjoy being able to go out and catch a feed.


Yeah, I agree with all those sentiments but I just find it such a boring activity. I'll go on a bushwalk for most of those benefits and buy my fish thank you :)


My cousin takes her family out all the time. She has 2 teenagers and they are really well behaved and it's better than them roaming the streets. It's a real family activity and they all love it.


An item on TV has said some women trying to overcome cancer had taken up 'trout fishing'......


I thoroughly enjoy eating fish and I've enjoyed fishing once or twice (never realised just how strong and fit you may need to be to haul them in!). However, I don't like to eat what I've caught. It just seems too personal to me. I hate killing such amazing creatures and my delightful little brain cannot separate the two if I'm the one who has done the deed. I know it's ridiculous but I like my fish, unidentiable, sans head, from the fishshop!


Fishing, catching them is relaxing and outdoorsy. Eating them is even better, so good all round.


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