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Elderflower drinks

I've been reading about the Addmore Sparkling Elderflower drinks and they sound an excellent alternative to alcoholic drinks (even mild ones like cider). I'm especially taken with the idea of the Sparkling Ginger White Tea & Elderflower which they say combines the unique elderflower flavour with organic ginger and a rare, full flavoured white tea (bai mu dan). Having only recently come across white tea (which is said to have more antioxidants than green or black), I'd really like to give this one a go. Has anyone tried these products?


I haven't tried these ones specifically, and I agree, the Sparkling Ginger White Tea flavour sounds delicious - I would be keen to see how much sugar it contains.

The one I have tried was a cordial, and I found the most delicious way to drink it - using the Soda Stream at home. It has the most beautiful flavour, and doesn't taste as fake or chemically like the soda stream syrups sometimes do. Add a little bit of gin and it makes a much healthier summer drink than wine or cider (or leave the gin out, it's still amazing on it's own!)


The Sparkling Ginger White Tea & Elderflower sounds great, I am definitely going to try some.


This is new to me and I'm finding it very interesting. Nice to drink something that is NATURAL!


This sounds very appealing as all the ingredients are ones I use for good health.Elderflower is gorgeous and the cordial is wonderful during winter ills and chills.I see this is 100% NZ picked products but like rhalkett I am always keen to know how much sweetener and from which source these days.
Coming from Geraldine which is the home of Barkers wonderful products and other yummy organic products I reckon this just has to be wonderful.


This absolutely appeals to me, to me is something totally new and sounds fascinating. I have had the makers other products so I would expect this to be as good. Fingers crossed.


Anything with ginger in it has to be good for the digestion. I love anything with bubbles and its a win win if its healthy as well. Is it available in the supermarkets??


Something like this drink is very appealing and it is healthy too.


i won some elderflower drink from a company called AROHA.. it was run through a woman's day puzzle comp and i must say its one of the best things i've tasted.. i'd love to be able to try this brand and see if it's any better than the other brand


I have never tried Elderflower but it sounds absolutely devine and refreshing.


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