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Eating late at night

Working some long days recently means I sometimes get hungry at some late hours. Does anybody know what foods are good at night time (i.e. past normal supper time), and if there's a certain 'cut off' time after which I shouldn't really eat so it won't affect my sleep?


How about popcorn??


Night is when I'm tempted to have unhealthy sweet things. I always have something with a hot drink though so it feels like a bit more. I don't like eating the 2 hours or so before bed. I'd go for something light if you're feeling hungry. What do you usually go for?


They say not to go to bed on a full stomach - although I have heard this is also a myth! I am one of those people that eats when I'm hungry - not when I am expected too - being breakfast at 7am, lunch at 12 and dinner at 6pm - I eat when my body tells me - so whether it be 9pm and an hour before then so be it! and I am not overweight.


I have to get up each night at about 3am/4am to let my dog out, I do find myself having a biscuit or something then, I think it keeps the metabolism going.


This is my bad habit at the moment, even after a evening meal...but i am feeding a 9 week old baby...but im starving by 9pm and crave all the bad foods..ie sugar and chippies...a

Try drinking green tea as it is really good for you and it stops you from feeling hungry.


sweet youghurt... gives you the sweet taste without too many callories... and/or the gum mint things... they make so many flavours now and it tastes like a lollie... but are usually suger free and bonus! good for your teeth!!!


Try not to eat carbs after 3pm in the afternoon, that is what the downsize me for men instructor told my partner. That means no rice, pasta or potatoes, bread etc as they store fat. Protein foods are the best like eggs, fish red meat. It is a hard one though as i don't think its a good idea to sleep straight after a meal. Mabey you could pack yourself some healthy food to have on your breaks and spread your eating out during the day. Try and eat fruit and veges and limit sweet and fatty foods especially late at night. =)


I can help with what not to eat but I'm not sure what it is good to eat. I definitely wouldn't drink green tea late at night as it is a diuretic and will make you want to go to the loo in the middle of the night. Cheese is difficult to digest and is said to cause nightmare or vivid dreasm - have experienced this but quite like it! Bread and any high carb foods are also likely to sit heavy in your stomach when you lie down Spicey snacks and acidic drinks (white wine) can cause heartburn when you lie down. It has been said that eating at night makes you fat but this myth hast been exploded as simply not true. There is no correlation between eating at night and weight gain other than if you eat extra calories to your normal diet.

i love green tea before bed... but the one i get has camomile in it too so makes me sleep happily!!


Green tea is my favourite tea. I very seldom drink black tea but probablly have 4-5 cups of green every day, and have been doing so for years. I like the jasmine petal blend best, then the ginger and lemon blend. When I go on holiday, I alwasy take my own supply although some motels seem to supply it now. Back to foods and bed, I once had a flatmate who ate in her sleep. She would get up and make a sandwich, eat it and go back to bed. We thought she was having us on but she never ever gave any sign of being awake.

haha man that would be creepy to witness... but i have heard of people who have had that before!! lol i used to sleep walk and try to flush things down the toilet when i was little... pajamas, lego, toothbrushes... anything hehe

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