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Easy preserves?

I'm a Girl Guide leader and I'm thinking of having them make jam or preserves. I've only ever done rhubarb. Any suggestions of what might be good and not too expensive for 9-12 year olds??


In season, most fruits can be made into jam.... cheaply. Winter is limited to citrus curds etc.... or pickles/chutney

Thanks. We made Lemon curd in the microwave. Super fast and still good. I also made Grapefruit curd at home but it didn't work as well. Might have over-nuked it so going to try again :)


I notice your post was made in July. Right now (September/October) we are in the middle of grapefruit season. Marmalade is one of the easiest jams to make and would be a perfect introduction to jam making for your girls plus an great fund-raising activity. Last week I made sixteen jars of marmalade from only four grapefruit (plus sugar). My suggestion would be to get the girls to look on the web for recipes and bring them along so everyone can see them and choose the easiest/cheapest/most fun to make.


I started teaching my daughter preserving with plums.
Just washed, halved & stoned they have to be one of the easiest fruits to work with.
My rule of thumb is equal amounts of sugar to quantity of fruit.
My cheat tip for jam that isn't setting, add a packet of jelly crystals job done!


I thought it was really expensive to do preserving and that you had to use heaps of fruit, but now looking at Wice's post and getting that many jars of marmalade from 4 grapefruit, that's amazing! I'm definitely going to try that!


You can always make apricot jam with dried apricots - so it can be made any time of year - and no fruit to prepare. I add tinned pineapple because my Grandma used to have it when she was a kid.


I think preserving is a dying pastime. A lot of work and expensive ingredients - most people just buy jam and chutneys, tomato sauce etc. from supermarket?


Apparently you can use our goldair breadmaker to make jam which sounds great - and easy - but I haven't tried it yet. Waiting for someone to give me bags of fruit that I can use!


I am on my own so I don't bother preserving anything...but such a good idea. I eat fresh and or canned foods...:)


Another thought. Since it is now citrus season, why not have the girls prepare "no-cook' (and no burns) preserved lemons. These are really expensive to buy but very, very simple to make and would make great Christmas presents or fund-raising items.

The girls could decorate the lids and make labels too.

Another aside to this, is that you could do some exploration into using preserved lemons - maybe learn about different cultures who use these in their food (especially Greek, Moroccan, etc.).

You could make Moroccan tea

Everyone could dress up for the occasion and maybe makes some traditional crafts as welll.
See: http://www.dltk-kids.com/world/greece/

Back to preserved lemons - here's the first recipe that came up on Google - so simple.

Pack the lemons in the jar, squishing them down so that juice is extracted and the lemon juice rises to the top of the jar. Fill up the jar with lemons, make sure the top is covered with lemon juice. Add more fresh squeezed lemon juice if necessary. Top with a couple tablespoons of salt.

I use lthe leftover skins of lemons I've squeezed for other recipes, topping up the jar whenever I use one. Instead of juice I use olive oil.
There are lots of variations so just do your own search if this doesn't suit.

Have fun.

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