I find doing nice things for others helps me relax, bringing cheer into others lives brings cheer into your own. Meditation or a good walk after work help clear the ol noggin too as does talking about your worries with a good mate. Your not alone, many feel the same way this time of year, retail is an under-appreciated job at the best of times but it's crazy busy now and people can be unwittingly rude while they're stressing with Christmas shopping. Just do the best you can, no-one can ask more of you than that and knowing you tried your best can be a soother on it's own. Hope you have a great break, if only on the stat days, do something that makes you really happy and have a Merry Christmas :D


Always remember to take your breaks during the day - even if it's insanely busy, you are entitled to your breaks and lunch, so take them! When I worked a stressful job I would try my best to get out of the office during my lunch and sit somewhere quietly to let my mind relax for the half hour before going back, it can really help you to switch off a bit and de-stress. If you do come across rude customers, try not to take it personally - people can be super mean when they're stressed, just remember it's not about you, they're just having a bad day. If you do find yourself getting completely overwhelmed, it may be an idea to take time off - your health is more important than your job.


One hour, one day at a time. Drink plenty of water and try to focus on the positive. There is always someone out there that are worse off than us.


Good on you for reaching out on here - they say acknowledging things is the first step forward. I'm actually struggling myself this year - in my case it's post natal depression, so I guess I'm lucky that I've got a midwife involved to be able to point me in the right direction. I'm seeing a councilor tomorrow. They say talking about it helps. Are you able to see your GP or a councillor or someone? Family or friends that could help?


Don't let the Christmas fever get you down, stick within your budget when buying gifts and lay off the plastic. Take note that sometimes the happiest people you know are the saddest people you will ever meet, so standby your friends and watch out for them. Cheer up Christmas is almost upon us.


I just hope we do not get any more shakes over Xmas in Christchurch - that would be depressing


We won't get any shakes over Christmas so don't worry about it. Consider the chances of you being alive at this time and that this is the only life you get. That knowledge makes me strive to make it a good one all of the time.


Keep calm and carry on - spend Christmas the way you want and don't get carried away with the hype.


There is a depression in the 'wallet'......... for sure!


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