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Just having a chat with a gf of mine the other day, and we were talking about all the different types of contraception there are out there... All have there pros and cons... but what is everyone's preference? and why?


I use to be on the Depo (jab once every 3 months) I was on it for 2 years. for the first 2 weeks of that i had bled non stop very heavy for 4 weeks straight!!! I gained abit of weight with it and got alot of pains. I then changed to the monofeme pill and have had no problems with it at all!! seems to mix in well with my body.


Now that we've finished having kids, DH has had the snip & it's just fantastic - I totally rate it! No more pill, depo etc. Depo was pretty horrible!

lol love it!!


i've been with the same guy for four years...and we use condoms. only cause i refuse to use any other form of contraception (especially the pill). i hate the idea of a pill having control of my hormones and periods etc etc....don't really like the thought of gaining weight and all the other ridiculous and possible side affects that can be seen through the pill....condoms have none of this (unless your allergic)...i wouldn't think twice about any other form of contraception. my poor poor boyfriend :( ops.

I agree. I hate messing with my body. I try not to take any medications internally at all - maybe a panadol once every couple of years when I am totally desperate but that's about it!

....I agree Wice...but the time I was on the pill and further more had the implant....all I thought about was working hard and playing hard, while travelling and living overseas and partied a lot so with me contraception was ideal for me at that time.....now that I am not on any contraception and or other meds, and I have pulled back the reins on my lifestyle....I am glad I am not on them....but for me I am glad I had that option......


I got pregnant when I was on the minipill after having my second baby, and baby three came 14 mths later. My friend had a terrible time on the depo too. My man was happy to go and do his part so I didn't have to take the pill anymore or produce more babies.


I hate any contraception my body doesn't agree with any of it I've got a 4 year old I got the depo just after he was born which I really regret as my body didn't agree with it so never took anything since we have been using condoms since and have not got pregnant :)


...I had the contraceptive implant done a number of years ago, after being on the pill....because the pill made me feel bloated all the time and I always had a lack of energy which was weird for me because I had always been active....once I went on the implant the initial problem was the swelling and minimal light bruising but that quickly went away and my period actually stopped altogether for the first 3 months and then after that it came back and was totally regular. I had 3monthly checkups just to make sure everything was fine, it was a long term solution for me I had it done twice over a six year period, because they last usually for around 3 years and then you usually change it out for another, when I moved back to NZ with my now partner I haven't been on any type of contraception since.


I dont trust the mini pill at all - I became preggers with my second son on it 35 years ago - then last year daughter in law got preggers while taking the mini pill too - nothing changed!


I love the pill. I have been on it for 3 years and haven't become pregnant so that's good lol and it made my periods a lot shorter and really light and I don't get cramps anymore.


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