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Christmas fare - cakes and puds and other goods!

I know we already have a topic called "Christmas reparations", but Christmas food needs one all of its own because there is so much to think about when it comes to this part of Christmas. For starters, it must be about the time for making Christmas cakes. Has anyone got a favourite recipe to share? What's your preference, light or dark fruit? Iced or un-iced? Do you have a family recipe you always make? Many Kiwis have roots from other countries. Do you have special ethnic treat you make: e.g. Bouche de Noel , Panetonne, gingerbread men/houses, marzipan logs, etc. What about gluten free recipes for those who need them?


...unfortunately we know longer make fruit cakes (well my mum that is) anymore.....but she still makes our family steam pudding which is delicious would also like to hear if anyone has any other steam pudding recipes......thanks


I'm the christmas grinch! I don't like christmas cake, or steam pud, roasts in summer, neanish tarts, chrismas mince pies, trifle, potato salad, bean salad (or any salad except lettuce ones). My hubbies family has all of the above for christmas every year. One year they had all that and I think I only ate one thing on christmas day (roast potatoes?). I hate feeling way too full on christmas day and would much rather have a small amount of light healthyish food that you'd never have at other times. Like a strawberry sorbet for dessert - fresh local ingredients made in the last few days (it's also super easy to make)

I hate all those things too! Not only that, but that heavy food just doesn't sit well for me in the summer. However, that being said, I'd happily do the American Christmas, which is similar to Thanksgiving - turkey, pumpkin pie, pecan pie... Mmmmm....


It's still Christmas fare if you have a lovely summer feast Some quick ideas: ENTREE Avocado mousse with seared scallops and a lemon drizzle on the side or Chicken and pistachio terrine with fig relish, served with melba toast or Buffalo mozzarella and tomato salad with basil vinigrette or Poisson cru (marinated Tahitian fish salad) MAINS Grilled crayfish with garlic butter or crayfish mayonnaise or Warm baked spiced leg ham with fresh cherry sauce or Cold turkey and pineapple salad served in scooped out pinapple halves Steamed new potatoes tossed in fresh herb butter Fresh asparagus with hollandaise Mixed green salad Home made breads DESSERT Christmas mince icecream bombs (coat balls of the icecream in melted chocolate and decorate like Christmas pudding) Fresh berries in Cointreau (strawberries, raspberries, cherries) seved with cream Homemade port or champagne jelly


We don't eat really traditional food on Christmas, just really nice food that usually takes a long time to prepare. We like our food! We do have a trifle every year that's DELICIOUS....I think that might be because of the amount of alcohol that goes into it though. Yum!


None of my family likes traditional food for Christmas either - except me. I love all the old fashioned stuff even if it is hot. It just means that you can relish each thing as you don't eat as much. Fantastic in itself!

When it snowed in Wellington this year I suddenly realised why people actually get into the Christmas spirit overseas. I never do....buuuut seeing town look all white and pretty...made me feel like pulling out a christmas tree. So I'd probably be into the traditional stuff it if was a white Christmas. In summer, just good food!


Having celebrated some wonderful Christmas's in the USA it does feel very unChristmassy here for me. When it's dark and everyone is bundled into the house of one friend or family member, and the fire is going, and the food is wonderful, and we'd be singing or dancing.... wonderful. I miss my American family :(

....I wish I had celebrated a real white Christmas in the US when I was there but Miami...didn't really do it for me....


I do a simple but very rich moist fruit cake and freeze(although i have been known to eat a slice frozen at time) heres the recipe 1 kilo mixed dried fruit of your choice soak overnight in 2 cups strong black coffee next day add 50-200gm bar chocolate Chopped 2 cups SR Flour Bake in greased or lined tin fopr about 1 hour at 180C You can use Juice or add cherries nuts peel etc.


Wow! That is so easy. I've never heard of such a simple fruit cake and will definitely try it out. Brilliant! Thanks so much Rose.


We are not Christmas cake people in our family - but we do indulge in trifle, brandy snaps,christmas mince tarts, pavalova and jelly!

...that is why my mum stopped making fruit cake and christmas mince tarts cause we didn't like them....lol...

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