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It has become clear that good things start with "Ch" i.e. Chelsey and chocolate. Since the who site is devoted to Chelsey, I thought maybe we should have a thread devoted entirely to chocolate as this is clearly a subject dear to everyone's heart! So here goes. This is where you can share your life with chocolate with the rest of the world!




now im hungry


Here's another job for Laura!

Oh my!

i saw some of these in Vietnam, they are soooo amazing looking


How to make almost the most hideous chocolate teapot one could iamgine! There is, however, a much more interesting article on the usefulness of a chocolate teapot at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_to-qCsvqKY This shows an experiment to see just how thickl a chocolate teapot would actually have to be to have any use at all. It also explains about heat retention and some other interesting bits and pieces. Worth a read if you want to become a chocolate expert!

There was a recent series on the BBC, which may come to NZ TV soon, with Richard Hammond in it, all about great engineering projects, and simple illustrations of the technology they use. In the episode on the Space Shuttle, he makes a chocolate teapot and melts it, and then demonstrates cooling by making tea in a chocolate icecream teapot!!!! Its great TV, may even be clips on youtube by now, well worth watching!


Did you know that chocolate is toxic for dogs - although they generally need to eat quite a bit to do harm. Toxicity depends on the type of chocolate and size and weight of dog. The most dangerous chocolate is baking cocoa. For all the pooch lovers out there, if you would like to know more about this, check out: http://www.sugarstand.com/articles/why-dogs-cannot-eat-chocolates.htm

Yeah but some how my boyfriends dog got a hold of a chocolate packet of biscuits and had no bad results....PHEW!!!

It seems the ones most likely to suffer are the smaller dogs when they get the dark chocolate. My pup ate a Karaka berry once and wasn't very well. He recovered just fine though. I think he was well over 30kgs by that stage! The vet thought it would take a bit more than one to really hurt him.


Sure did. No chocolate for my pooch. Grapes are also considered toxic for dogs, though it seems not all dog react to them.


The same goes for cats. Apparently many a moggy and pooch have met a sad end after eating chocolate raisins!


And if chocolate makes you happy enough to sing...


Chocolate yummmm can never be wrong for you....can I have my chocolate served on this please...............thank you!

mmm yummy!! haha would be messy on the sheets though =P

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