Discussing :: cheap trick to do when you suddenly run out makeup


cheap trick to do when you suddenly run out makeup

If you find yourself out of make up and you are in a hurry or all dressed up to go out, you can do this as a last resort. Apply very little oil on the face, even cooking oil.... then mix a little cornflour and very small amount of very fine coffee....in a small bowl... you dont want to smell coffee the whole day. apply lightly..... saves you from having to go out without make up if you cant

hey this would be good for when you're on Master Chef lol! You could on to something here Poly! :)


Sorry Poly. I think that I would prefer to go bare faced than use this concoction! PS: I never throw away my lipsticks when they are worn to the base, but always use a brush to access the last centimetre that is usually left in the bottom of the container.


Saw this post again and remembered the age-old "Ckayton" makeup tricks : Pinch your cheeks for a soft lush Bite your lips for lush rubiness Polish your nails wih beeswax and a chamois for a high gloss ... not to forget the Victorian adage: " The key to beauty is happiness, since it ‘gives colour to the cheek and a sparkle to the eye’, all for free!"


The term "fake it till you make it" springs to mind upon reading this. I physc myself up with my favourite tunes and picture me in my most glamorous after all a little bit of confidence goes a long way...if that fails wear a hat lol!


ahh there are good things about not wearing make up... dont need to worry about this =P


I would feel like such an idiot with flour and coffee on my face. I also can't imagine a situation where I 'suddenly' ran out of makeup, so I don't think I'll need it...

Well I have left stuff on my dresser and my puppy has come along and stolen it and chewed it up. Lost foundation, concealer, make up brushes. Guess I should have learnt my lesson by now....

Still, I'd stay holed up at home over putting extra oil on my face. That would do bad things to my skin!


Gotta agree with you Starlite5, confidence goes a long way! Whenever I get a my hair cut and coloured or if I buy a new mascara or a new purfume I always feel really nice which makes me feel real confident in myself, which shows even if I may not be looking so nice. If you feel hot in the inside, you'll look hot on the outside! And plus, guys love confidence :D Im confused though.....is Poly saying we use the coffee mix INSTEAD of foundation...or to rub off to leave us with nice glowing skin. I am a little confused :s

Instead. Yes, seriously, instead!!


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