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Cervical Cancer

Early diagnosis is truly the key to surviving cervical and all other cancers, go to it girls, get checked out regularly




I was diagnosed with CIN3 six years ago.

Under private insurance I was able within days seek treatment via LLETZ treatment (Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone) .

This procedure removed the entire surface of my Cervix of the cancerous cells, and testing showed that it was successful, although there was a little concern that they may have missed an area., therefore I now have annual screenings.

I'm thankful it was caught earlier enough to prevent any real serious issues or disruptions to my life and family.

But nothing prepares you for the feeling of those ugly words "Cancer" when you first hear them. I can still remember sitting in that Doctors room and shaking uncontrollably.

My heart goes out to those who are living through any form of cancer.

...glad to hear it went well Rozanne....I am mindful and make sure to go for regular checks and smears....and have encouraged a number of my girlfriends to do the same as well as some where more shy then anything else but you have to get over that because you have to think about your life and family.....my heart goes out to people with any forms of cancer also I know what it can do to families and it has occurred in my mums side of the family through her cousins a number of them have passed due to breast cancer all within a short period of time.....so yes please go and get checked...and regularly you will so grateful that you have done it and your family and friends will be thankful too.....

Do you know what would have happened, what the process would have been without the insurance?

Yes... at the time I was diagnosed, one of the guys from work's wife was also diagnosed with CIN3.

She was on a waiting list (and told at the time it could be up to 6 months). Thankfully they only had to wait 3 months...

The public health system is slow - but it is free.

You have to weigh up what is important (and in my case I had to consider what other health issues and surgical procedures were in my future)

Thanks for sharing that. It is something I've been thinking about.

I've met quite a few people through my work also who have been so glad they haven't had to worry about the waiting.

was your workmate's wife ok after waiting 3 months for the same treatment or did she just recover later than you?


I don't know what everyone thinks but it seems to me that people are much more ok with talking about prostate cancer now but they are still timid to talk about cervical canacer. In fact men tend to joke about prostate cancer but I never hear women joke about cervical cancer except on those ads on TV with the Island women. The ads about checkups are all very well, but It's good to see women speak out and bring this previously embarrassing subject into the open. Thanks for sharing Rozanne.


it has to be personal choice but perhaps sharing the pain is healing in itself. It certainly helps others going through the same pain, to share the journey.


Yes it really does help others to share these experiences, and not just other sufferers. The better you understand something the more likely that if have a friend or family member going through something similar, you can to support them.

I had a friend going through IFV. She wouldn't talk about it and then I saw a programme on TV with a NZ radio host going through the same thing. I saw how terribly hard it was physically as well as emotionally. I had had no idea about the physical side of it. It really helped me to understand what she was going through and I was then able to talk to her about it. I know it helped her to open up and next thing she was showing my her bruised tummy from her shots.


Fiona is inspirational to all of us that you should always have goals and give your best no matter how hard it is to keep going. I hope her publicity helps many people...

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