Discussing :: Can you be fat and fit?


Can you be fat and fit?

There seems to be more and controversy about body mass being an indication of health and whether you can be both fat and fit Time and time I keep reading that fatness does not necessarily indicate bad health and many people classified as obese are in fact fit and healthy. Take a look at Sumo Wrestlers who are extremely agile and fit. There is also the question of, external fat versuus internal fat. External fat is not necessarily an indication of internal fat - the fat that is so dangerous when it comes to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes etc. There are many articles on this subject. Here are a few for those interested. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1066937,00.html or http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=128267723 or http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/fitness_articles.asp?id=1670 So, do you believe that an overweight person can be fit/healthy?

I have a chronic illness affecting lungs and heart. Because of this I am classified as obese and have continuing issues with weight management. I go to pulmonary exercise classes twice weekly and have found that my fitness level has increased greatly. I am also slowly losing weight but overall I know it is possible to be large and be fit at the same time...It just takes perserverance...


Fat, fit and healthy video offering another insight into this question from a woman who lost 300 lb!


Fat and fit Part 2 - the discussion


Yes fat and fit but 'no one will give a 2nd look' ;-)

yes u can


I can't watch the vid's from here at work but I do believe that there is potential to be 'fat' and 'fit'... it's just going to depend on the sporting activity you wish to subscribe to. Our top shot-put Olympian Valerie Adams (Vili) is a perfect example. I'm sure her diet and 'fitness' is never put to question. She requires the build and body structure to be the Olympian that she is. However if you're going to be a long distance runner, you probably can't carry all that extra weight (or muscle) Or you can look at the range of body sizes and shapes in our All Blacks team... you wouldn't say any of them are unfit yet some of them are HUGE! I guess the question really is whether you are comparing FAT with BODY FORM or MUSCLE. Equally, just because you're 'skinny' doesn't make you fit either. My sister has been slender (size 10/12) all her life, but she's far unfitter than I ever have been, even when I weighed 100kg.


Well I know you can be skinny & unfit lol


That's very true Julz! I know a girl who is on the chunky side that is one of the best ballerina's in her class. Just beautiful to watch. But how do you measure fitness? Of course I don't know if she has weight related illnesses.


Yes i was fat and fit in my 9 months pregnancy. You can try that too ;-)


See! it's all down to how we as woman define 'fat' The Ballerina was probably a very muscular girl Pregnancy is DEFINITELY not fat And Valerie Adams isn't fat either So what is fat? perhaps we need to focus more on our personal quality of life and our health. Some questions to consider: Can you move around freely? Does vacuuming your lounge make you breathless? Can you go for brisk walk and not be breathless? Do you snore? Do you have back pains? Even the most slender of person may struggle to go for a brisk walk, if their lungs aren't used to it (got lazy). And the quality and choices of our foods and activity can give us either health benefits or health issues.


The thing is these heavy people are clinically obese because just because their weight and hight ratio is out of sync with the medical charts. They are considered health risks where as thinner unfit people are seen as healthy! I have a friend who is decidedly 'rounded' but who plays club tennis three times a week. She is awesomely fit though looking at her, people would definitely say she is 'fat' and probably label here as 'lazy' as well :-(


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