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Apple cider vinegar?

I've heard people raving about this as a miracle cure for all sorts of things. I tried it for heartburn - did NOT work and I almost threw up trying to drink it straight with a water chaser, NEVER again! But I have a whole bottle of it left so would be great to know what it DOES work for :) Cleaning? :P

Yes it is correct.We can use the apple cidar vinegar for the acne scars and other health problems.I read the article about the health benefit of the apple cidar vinegar written by economics dissertation writing service .It is very good article.


I rub it on dry skin, works well. Also add a teaspoon to a glass of warm water, much easier to digest. Just need to remember to rinse mouth afterwards as the acid is not great for your teeth. I find i don't get UTIs like i used to since taking it every morning.


We've used it to get rid of midgey flies around our house before since they're attracted to the sweetness and scent, I guess thats one more benefit :)

This would be handy, we're plagued by them at the moment. Odd since it's the middle of winter :/


I bought a bottle a while ago so interested in this too. Im going to start drinking a tablespoon in a glass of water every morning.

I think it's one of those things that some people taste strongly and some don't. So far the best way of taking it that I've found is in honey lemon drink :)


It is great as a natural antibiotic and I put some in my cats and dogs drinking water. It is excellent and if you google it,you will see how many uses it actually has...:)


Hate the taste but always notice the difference when I am using it!


I actually like the taste, I add it to water - it's too strong to drink straight and probably would be good for the tummy. If you can't drink it then use in on the skin. It's a great toner. Also it's said that it can help remove stains off teeth - but you must rub off with warm water after dabbing it on. Or you can use it as a cleaner in the toilet - leave it soaking in the bowel over night and it leaves a nice apple smell


This is a godsend esp. if you suffer gallstones or are preventing them from forming. This will break them down. :-)


I take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of orange juice every morning in the hope it will cleanse my system thoroughly and keep any problems from occurring and so far it seems to work


I enjoy the taste of ACV but usually watered down and with a bit of honey - if you drink it with manuka honey (the really good 10+UMF stuff), you're getting a double whammy of goodness. Also excellent for your pets (and even horses - mine enjoys it mixed in with her feed).

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